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» 40-80g x 0.01mg

» 80-310g x 0.1mg
» 410-510g x 0.1mg

» 80 x 0.1mg
» 120g x 0.1mg
» 210 x 0.1mg
» 100/210 x 0.1/1mg

» 150-510g x 1mg
» 1000-1500g x 1mg

» 150g x 1mg
» 150g x 1mg NTEP
» 250g x 1mg
» 350g x 1mg
» 400g x 1mg Pharm
» 400g x 1mg NTEP
» 500g x 1mg
» 40/400g x 1/10mg
» 100/510 x 1/10mg

» 400-2000g x 0.01g
» 3-6kg x 0.01g

» 3-12kg x 0.1g

» 12,000g x 0.1g
» 16,000g x 0.1g
» 20,000g x 0.1g
» 30,000g x 0.1g

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Scientech, an innovator of high quality magnetic force restoration technology precision weighing balances for over 46 years.  Scientech's original founder was the first to design and use a direct loading, magnetic, force-restoration sensor.  Scientech analytical and precision toploading balances are 100% made in the U.S.A.  Scientech, an ISO 9000 registered company, has been in the business of manufacturing high quality precision electronic balances and are in use worldwide.

Scientech boasts a line of 50 different models which span weighing capacities from 80 to 12,000 grams coupled with readability from 0.01 milligram to 0.1 gram.  Every feature-rich model also has been certified to carry the prestigious "CE" mark of conformity.  Computer generated finite element analysis is the foundation of the design for the Scientech line of balances.  Utilizing this advanced technology in tandem with computer aided design, Scientech's engineers were able to reduce the number of parts, decrease weight, and increase ruggedness while enhancing overall performance.

The entire Scientech line of precision balances is microprocessor controlled with Scientech's exclusive real time temperature compensation algorithm.  This software corrects every updated weight reading for temperature changes as small as 0.001 C without having to recalibrate the balance.  This revolutionary internal software yields accurate, reproducible results without the need to recalibrate your balance as the ambient temperature varies.  All these complex calculations take place in the background and are totally invisible to the end user.  You will never have that nagging doubt again that you should have recalibrated before that last critical weighing.  If you need absolute accuracy for your weighing application, then make sure you buy a Scientech Balance. 

When you're on a tight budget and need the most balance for the buck, Precision Weighing Balances is your deep discount distributor and Authorized Scientech Dealer offering wholesale prices to the public.  When you select one of the Scientech line of balances, you're selecting "Power Under the Hood" that's unmatchable.  Scientech manufactures two models that are totally unique and unmatched by any competitor including A&D, Mettler, Ohaus and Sartorius.

These models include the:

  • SP1500 Precision Toploading Balance ( 1500g x 1mg )
  • SA525D Dual Range Precision Balance ( 250g x 0.1mg / 500g x 1mg )

When you need high capacity weighing and high precision featherweight readability it can only be made entirely in the USA by a leader in the industry - Scientech

Semi-Micro Balances with readabilities of 0.01mg

The SM Series comprises an impressive list of both single and dual range units.  What is even more remarkable is every dual range model possesses Scientech's exclusive Floating Tare™ feature.  This powerful option gives you two balances in one unit.  Used hand-in-hand with autoranging, Floating Tare™ provides low range readability (0.01mg) throughout the entire high range capacity of the balance.  Access Floating Tare™ with the press of a button and you have ten times more resolution anywhere within the high range domain.
micro balance
SM-50 | SM-99 | SM-124D | SM-128D COMPARE MODELS

Analytical Balances with readabilities of 0.0001g

Analytical weighing demands a high standard of accuracy.  The SA Series delivers.  Weights from 80 to 510 grams with 0.1mg resolution are displayed promptly, clearly, and reliably.  The SA 510 reigns over this analytical series as the only 510 gram balance with a 0.1mg readability.  This makes the SA-510 the unrivaled heavyweight of all analyticals.  The SA80 is the analytical balance workhorse of the SA realm.  This handy performer is perfect for the value conscious user who wants ultra-featherweight readability for a lightweight price.
analytical balance
SA-80 | SA-120 | SA-210 | SA-310 |SA-410 |SA-510 |SA-210D |SA-525D COMPARE MODELS

Analytical Balances with readabilities of 0.0001g

New for 2005 the Zeta ZSA Analytical line offers a lower cost, 5-year warranty & a unique weighing sensor.  This new proprietary technology is very resistant to suspension damage an only available in the Zeta line.

The design is not as complex as a lever design which makes it less costly to manufacture.  The Series 10K (SA-80, SA-120, SA-210, etc) has a better repeatability spec, can accept internal weights on the SA models, can do below balance weighing, and can handle higher capacities for the same readability.
zeta analytical balance
ZSA-80 | ZSA-120 | ZSA-210 | ZSA-210D COMPARE MODELS

Precision Balances with readabilities of 0.001g

All Scientech SP-Series balances come with a 3 year warranty, easy keypad calibration, large glass draft shield, easy to read LCD display and high performance speedy display results in an easy to use control panel.  Pure precision is the title which defines the SP-Series.  The SP-Series Precision Milligram Balances boost 9 different models with capacities ranging from 150g to the industries first and only 1,500g capacity one milligram balance.  
milligram balance
SP-150 | SP-250 | SP-350 | SP-500 | SP-1000 | SP-1500 | SP-404D | SP-510D | SP-2050D COMPARE MODELS

Precision Balances with readabilities of 0.001g

New for 2005 the Zeta ZSP and ZSE Milligram line is based on a direct-loading, electromagnetic, force-restoration cell concept, which differs dramatically from normal lever-configuration sensor designs.  The result is a more rugged balance with an easily repairable, modular sensor while preserving high performance. 

The Series 10K (SP-150, SP-500, SP-1000, etc) has a better repeatability spec, and the SP models, can perform below balance weighing, and can handle higher capacities for the same readability.
zeta milligram balance
ZSP-150 | ZSE-250 | ZSP-250 | ZSP-350 | ZSP-500 | ZSP-404D | ZSP-510D COMPARE MODELS

Laboratory Balances with readabilities of 0.01g

The SL-Series Multi-Functional balances boost 9 different models with capacities ranging from 400g to 6000g all with feather touch readability to 0.01 gram.  The SL-Series is the perfect choice meeting the needs of industrial, laboratory, educational or general weighing applications requiring 10 mg accuracy. 
precision toploading balances
SL-400 | SL-600 | SL-1000 | SL-2000 | SL-3000 | SL-5000 | SL-6000 | SL-3100D | SL-5200D COMPARE MODELS

General Balances with readabilities of 0.1g

The SG-Series is a high capacity precision balance series sporting a large rectangular 7.5" x 8" stainless steel weighing pan.  Easily handling up to 12,000 grams with a feather touch accuracy of 0.1 grams.  Counting, over/under check weighing and a myriad of additional features makes this high capacity toploading balance the leader in industrial, bio technology and pharmaceutical markets for a 100% made in the U.S.A. balance. 
high capacity balance
SG-3000 | SG-5000 | SG-8000 | SG-12000 COMPARE MODELS

General Balances with readabilities of 0.1g

The SHC-Series is a high capacity precision balance series sporting a large rectangular 9" x 13" stainless steel weighing pan.  Vacuum fluorescent display makes it easy to read results in any light whether conditions are dark or light.  Anti-shock protection design protects the electronic weighing scale against incorrect results making each weighing as accurate as the last. 

Note: The SHC is a private label scale from Scientech and is NOT made in the USA.
high capacity balance

Additional benefits of buying an American built product include:
  • strong customer support - When you call Scientech you can speak with the engineers and people who built your precision weighing instrument.  This is difficult to accomplish when you purchase the competition, since most balances are built outside the USA and you have to deal with the differences in time zones.  Have a question, need an answer?  You'll get it from Scientech unlike the competition where you speak with a service tech or I guess you could stay up until midnight to call Germany, Switzerland or Japan with a translator to get the answer from the factory.
  • short lead times - since the Scientech line are made in the USA we can fill your orders quickly.  It's not uncommon to hear lead times of 3 to 10 weeks when you consider buying the competition since the balance is delivered by ship and needs to clear customs.  Buy Scientech and you are supporting the American economy.  Buy from Precision Weighing Balances and you'll save a bundle!
  • repair - in the unlikely event your balance every needs warranty or service work you can expect it to be repaired and back in from within 5 business days from when it is received at Scientech's Boulder, Colorado facility.  We all hate to hear the word DOWNTIME, but when it happens you want to be back in service A.S.A.P.  This is an important issue to consider since repair lead time of most of the other balance manufacturer's is weeks, and must be carried out and billed AT THEIR OUTRAGEOUS RATES!   Buy a Scientech balance and it will be repaired in the factory it was built .
You heard about the company now it is time to see the Scientech line.
Select from the table above any of the 100% made in the U.S.A. balances.

Scientech balances feature weighing modes including grams, carats, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweight and a custom weight register (can only be programmed when you buy the balance.  Its ideal for basis weight, milligram (mg), pounds, any weight per unit area measurement, or even dollars.)

Standard features of Scientech's balance product line include automatic systems checkout upon startup, GLP/GMP/ISO compatibility, auto calibration using an external calibration weight, percent weighing, live animal weighing, RS232 data interface with selectable baud rates, send when stable over the RS232 port, user selectable stability, stability indicator, user selectable vibration filtering, automatic zero tracking, print key, capacity tracker, parts counting, checkweighing, multiple units of measure, non-volatile memory, below balance weighing for density determination and specific gravity determination, adjustable feet with level bubble, built-in security bracket, LCD display for low heat, & low voltage circuits.  User selectable vibration filtering, floating tare (dual range models only), and auto ranging (dual range models only).

Whether your applications are for research and development, the sciences such as chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, live animal weighing, education, production control, quality control, process control, density determination, percent weighing, moisture determination, general weighing purposes, gemstone and precious metal weighing for the jewelry industry,Scientech can be your Measure of Confidence.

Take a close up look at the parts description of the Scientech Balance
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