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One feature that is increasingly more important is the ability for any laboratory instrument to provide data output for ISO, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GMP compliance or FDA requirements.  In conjunction with this, the ability to interface with a LIMS network is also significant.  This data output helps users provide traceable documentation when using the balance in a quality management system.  Numerous balance manufactures usually charge anywhere from $100 to $200 to purchase their balance with the ability to output data via an RS232 interface but, NOT Scientech.  All Scientech balances are GLP/GMP/ISO compatible and come standard with a built-in RS232 interface

Optional printer availableEither using a computer or Scientech's optional RS232 printer, you may print a hardcopy of either the GLP/GMP Compliance Report and/or a Balance Test for ISO calibration compliance anytime you desire.

This data output helps users provide traceable documentation when using the balance in a quality management system.  The user can automatically generate a record of each calibration, adjustment, raw data and related values.  This includes date, time, balance model, balance serial number, and the weight of the mass on the platform.  There is also a spot for the signature of the operator performing the calibration operation to insure a documented record. 

Weight reading by themselves are useless unless they are tagged with some sort of identification and conforms to GLP, GMP, ISO and LIMS standards.  There are several software programs on the market such as "The Wedge" from TAL or Balance Talk™ from Labtronics offering the ability to import the data outputted from the balance into popular Windows® applications such as Word or Excel.  Another program readily available and standard with Windows®95, 98, NT or 2000 is "Hyperterminal" (Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Hyperterminal.)  Eliminate manual data entries and increase your efficiency by providing fast error-free storage of your weighing data directly to your computer.  Scientech balances are DTE (computer) devices.  If communicating to another DTE device (ie computer), a special Scientech RS232 cable (PN11897) is required.

If you are communicating to a DCE device (printer), a modem cable is required.   Scientech offers an optional modem cable (PN10170) for your convenience.  All Scientech balances are equipped with a bi-directional RS232 compatible interface.  The interface is unidirectional (balance send only) when the local control is set to ON.  To enable the bi-directional interface, set the local control to OFF.  The RS232 connector is a 9 pin D subminiature connector located on the balance rear panel. 

The pinout and pin descriptions are shown below.
The ext reset, on pin 1, is deactivated on all balances carrying the CE mark.

RS-232 pinout

Data from balances can be collected and processed for more advanced applications in the manufacturing and industrial environments such as pharmaceuticals and bio technology markets.  Contracting a software developer to create a custom program is one costly option.  For additional information on the RS232 format, commands and specifications we recommend you download the Instruction Manual and review pages 18 -26.

When you select one of the Scientech line of balances, you're selecting "Power Under the Hood" that's unmatchable.  If you need absolute accuracy for your weighing application, then make sure you buy a Scientech Balance.  When you're on a tight budget and need the most balance for the buck, Precision Weighing Balances is your deep discount distributor offering wholesale prices to the public.
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