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scientech balances.

(All model except SHC Series)
Scientech balances * GLP/GMP/ISO compatible
* Automatic zero tracking
* Built-in security bracket
* Live animal weighing
* Stability indicator
* Percent weighing
* Capacity tracker
* Below balance weighing
* Microprocessor control
* Parts counting
* Check weighing
* Selectable filtering
* Multiple units of measuring
* Automatic calibration programs
* RS232 data interface with user selectable baud rates up to 19,200
* Automatic system checkout sequencing
* Exclusive real time temperature compensation software
* Floating Tare (dual range models only)
* Autoranging (dual range models only)
* All Scientech balances are based on magnetic force restoration technology to provide you with accurate, repeatable results every time. 

Special Features

Capacity Tracker   Capacity Tracker
This dynamic graphical display automatically depicts the used and unused portions of your weighing range.  The tracker is indispensable in taring out the container weight and then weighing several components sequentially.  You always know how much capacity remains. 

Stability Indicator   Stability Indicator
The balance tells you when the reading is valid, insuring reliable results.  Stability sensitivity is user selectable which alloys you to customize your balance setup.  You may disable the indicator at any time. 

Check Weighing   Check Weighing
Here is Scientech's answer to a go/no-go weight gauge.  The balance tells you if your sample weight is too high, too low, or OK compared to user-selected high/low control limits.  Interpretive error is eliminated.  This application is ideal for JIT environments where the quality of each sample must be assured. 

Floating Tare (Dual range models only.)
Dual range balances offer you two balances in one.  Used hand-in-hand with autoranging, Floating Tare provides low range readability throughout the entire high range capacity of the balance.  Access Floating Tare with the press of a button and you have ten times more resolution anywhere within the high range domain. 

Percent Weighing   Percent Weighing
By quickly selecting the CAL mode, you are able to weigh a sample in percent in order to easily determine percent moisture loss, percent solids, or compounding by percent. 

Parts Counting   Parts Counting
You can even use a Scientech balance for piece counting.  Every model empowers you to count from very small to large items quickly and accurately.  The minimum fixed sample number is ten with a user selectable larger sample size feature at your fingertips. 

Vibration Filters   Vibration Filters
This feature authorizes you to select a filter setting which is best suited to your task.  If your surroundings are vibration-free, set the filtering to low which yields results in the fastest possible time.  In more adverse conditions, select either the normal or high filter parameter.  These selections will insure reliable readings during your different weighing applications. 

Units of Measure
These multifunctional balances present a choice of five different standard units of measure: grams (g), carats (ct), ounces (oz), troy ounces (ozt), and pennyweight (dwt).  Just push the mode button to select your desired unit of measure.  Also available as an option is a custom weight register which allows any unit of measure you wish.  Perfect use of this register is to weigh in milligrams or pounds instead of grams.  This register is ideal for results in basis weight, any weight per unit area measurement, or even dollars. 

Live Animal Weighing   Live Animal Weighing
Weighing using the time averaging mode is ideal for live animal or severe environment weighing.  This feature also includes a reset function which allows you to arrive at the final weight reading in seconds rather than minutes with just the push of a button. 

GLP/GMP/ISO Compatible
All Scientech balances are GLP/GMP/ISO compatible.  Either using a computer or Scientech's optional data input keyboard and one of our small, optional RS232 printers, you may print a hardcopy of either the GLP/GMP Compliance Report and/or a Balance Test for ISO calibration compliance anytime you desire


When you select one of the Scientech line of balances, you're selecting "Power Under the Hood" that's unmatchable. 

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