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scientech precision balances

All Scientech balances are GLP/GMP/ISO compatible and come standard with a built-in RS232 interface

Either using a computer or Scientech's optional data input keyboard and optional RS232 printer, you may print a hardcopy of either the GLP/GMP Compliance Report and/or a Balance test for ISO calibration compliance anytime you desire.

GLP/GMP Compliance is increasingly more important for all laboratory instruments to meet FDA, ISO, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) or GMP compliance.

In conjunction with this, the ability to interface with a LIMS network is also significant.

This data output helps users provide traceable documentation when using the balance in a quality management system. 

The user can automatically generate a record of each calibration, adjustment, raw data and related values. 

This includes date, time, balance model, a unique ID number to identify the balance, balance serial number, and the weight of the mass on the platform.

There is also a spot for the signature of the operator performing the calibration operation to insure a documented record.

Weights by themselves are useless unless they are tagged with some sort of identification and conforms to GLP, GMP, ISO and LIMS standards.

To read more about the RS232 click here.

print out


Two windscreens are available for Scientech balances:

  •  9.5" high analytical glass wind- screen with 3 sliding glass doors

  •  Circular glass windscreen with stainless steel cover


The data input keyboard greatly increases the flexibility of the standard balance.

This accessory includes the following application programs with 50 user programmable storage registers and a calendar/time clock:

  •  Statistics
  •  Weight averaging
  •  Weight conversions
  •  Infinite units of measure
  •  Severe environment  weighing
  •  Parts counting
    % Weighing
    % Solids
    % Moisture loss
    % Compounding


Internal Calibration Weight

Available for any SA model is the 9000-INT automatic, motor driven, built-in, calibration weight. 

This appealing accessory allows you to quickly and easily recalibrate your SA analytical balance as often as you wish without having to use an external calibration weight.

Please check here before purchasing this option since we don't recommend the internal calibration feature




These small printers utilize the standard RS232 interface.

The RS232 interface comes standard with all Scientech balances, but the printer is optional.

Both thermal and dot matrix models are available.

Each printer includes the interconnecting cable and is ideal for recording your reading for later review.


LABORATORY SUPPLIES - Weighing canoes, boats, aluminum weigh dishes, moisture pans, glassine paper, filter pads, beakers, microscope slides & more at prices never seen before.  See how much you have been over paying your present laboratory supplier for disposable items that you use everyday.
9000-INT Motorized automatic internal calibration weight (factory installed/SA Series only)
9000-BAT115 Battery Kit, 115V Rechargeable (incl. charger, battery & inverter)
9000-BAT220 Battery Kit, 220V Rechargeable (incl. charger, battery, inverter, converter & power supply)
8000-VIB Anti-Vibration Stand (18" x 22" x 2.5" thick terrazzo platform w/ damping mounts, 86 lbs ship wt.)
5000-61 Windscreen, 9.5" high glass Analytical windscreen with 3 doors.  This is the same draft shield that comes standard on all SA-Series.  It will fit any SP or SL Series.
5000-65 Windscreen, 3.5" high x 6" dia. Circular windscreen (for balances with 4.5" dia. pans or less)
9000-90 Custom weight register "A" (specify desired unit of measure)
7000-10 Rectangular Pan (SL 5000, SL 6000, or SL 5200D).  Factory installation only.  The round platform would removed and exchanged with the same size rectangular platform found on SG Series.
10170 Cable, 6' null modem, for connecting RS232 serial printers (DB9 male to DB25 male)
11897 Cable, 6' null modem, for connecting to PC's (DB9 male to DB9 female)
2274 Linecord, 115 volt wall connector (use with PN11023)
11023 Power Supply, 100-240 VAC (47-63Hz), round connector (must have PN2274)
11024 Connector adapter, 115 to 230 volt (use with PN2274)
10484 Below Balance Weighing Hanger
4823 Weighing Bowl, 1.9L stainless steel (7.5"dia. x 3"h), bowl actual weighs 398 grams
9000-66 Dust Cover for SL/SG models
9000-67 Dust Cover for SP models
9000-68 Dust Cover for SA models
WAR-1/2 Extended warranty programs from 1 to 2 extra years CALL
certified calibration weights Can't find the calibration mass below for your application?  Here click here to see the most comprehensive offering of calibration weights and weight sets HERE.

The weights listed below DO NOT INCLUDE a calibration report or certificate of traceability.  If you need these documents purchase the calibration weights listed at the link.
calibration mass set
5000-85 50g ULTRA Class calibration weight (± 0.07mg)
5000-86 100g ULTRA Class calibration weight (± 0.15mg)
5000-87 200g ULTRA Class calibration weight (± 0.3mg)
5000-88 500g ULTRA Class calibration weight (± 0.7mg)
5000-89 1000g ULTRA Class calibration weight (± 1.5mg)
5000-90 2000g ULTRA Class calibration weight (± 3.0mg)
T-61055 500g ASTM Class 6 calibration weight (±50mg)
T-61016 1000g ASTM Class 6 calibration weight (± 100mg)
T-61026 2000g ASTM Class 6 calibration weight (± 200mg)
ULTRA Class & ASTM Class 1 are made of stainless steel - ASTM 6 are made of steel