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Q) How Do I Benefit From Using Paypal?
You get to purchase scales at wholesale prices for simply buying 1 scale.  Many of the prices are below a dealer's cost if they buy directly from the manufacturer.  Tanita KD200

You also get the security of only releasing your credit card information to Paypal only.  This lessens the chances of unscrupulous people ever getting all your credit card information an committing fraud.  Think about it, if you buy 10 items per year online through different vendors there is also a chance any employee at any of these establishments can steal your information.  Now, if you choose Paypal to buy from these 10 different vendors only Paypal has your credit card information you lessen exposure of your pertinent information.  Vendors are only sent an e-mail from Paypal with your confirmed shipping address and the money you sent.  Nothing about your credit card is sent, not even if you paid with a MasterCard or Visa.  Using Paypal is a win-win for both the consumer and merchant since it lessens the chances of fraud.

Q) Can I use My Credit Card To Purchase This Scale?
A) Yes, by using PayPal.  With PayPal you can make your payment on-line and instantly by using your credit card (VISA or MasterCard).  This payment method is the quickest, easiest, and most inexpensive way to make your payment and process your order.  It's absolutely FREE for you to send us money using Paypal - no additional fees or charges!Paypal

Q) What is PayPal?
A) PayPal is a company separate from Precision Weighing Balances (PWB) that provides a secure online payment service.  With PayPal, individuals and businesses can send and receive payments through the Internet.  PayPal currently has 10 million members and is the most commonly used electronic payment service on the World Wide Web.palm scale - beautiful design

Q) Why do I get a discount using Paypal on certain scales?
A) When you pay using PayPal we can more efficiently process your order by eliminating our staff's resources in verifying card holder information.  We use AVS (address verification system) and follow M/C, Visa, Discover & AMEX guidelines and ONLY ship to the address and name of the credit card holder.  Everyday we hear people tell us they always order items over the phone and have them shipped wherever they want and there is no question.  We know this occurs but not with PWB or any business that wants to survive on the internet.  All these businesses are in violation of their merchant agreement with the credit card companies and will lose any chargeback dispute since they violated the merchant agreement for accepting credit cards.  These companies may also be selling goods at MSRP and have huge margins to cover the expense of chargebacks, but we're selling on extremely slim margins and have no room for loses due to fraud.

The internet seems to have a greater amount of fraud due to the fact that it is hard to prove who typed the information on a computer keyboard and services like Hotmail and Yahoo e-mail accounts that enable the user to be anonymous.

In the past when processing orders if the address information is not a perfect match we didn't ship the product.  Many times the authorization center do not have the current address information on file, requiring us to call the actual issuing bank of the credit card holder.  This is because the credit card is actually a debit card or the issuing bank of the credit card has not provided this information to the company that provides the AVS information.  Before we can send a nasty e-mail and preventing us from looking like a fool we call the bank and verify the address is incorrect and then ask the credit card company to block the use of the card until the real cardholder calls in.  For all this work we invest the yield is no chargeback for us, and no sale (remember all real businesses that sell goods operate on the margins when selling goods, unlike the thousands of other internet businesses that believed they could operate an online business with no margins, but instead advertising revenues).  Processing orders that come back with mismatched AVS take 10 to 15 minutes and using Paypal eliminates all this wasted time.  We are guaranteed the funds and there is little chance of us being faced with credit card fraud providing we follow Paypal guidelines which we make you follow or your Paypal payment is not accept.  Read the guidelines in detail here for paying with Paypal.

Q) Why Won't PWB Accept My Credit Card Directly for orders under $100?
A) PRICES - PWB is committed to being the low cost leader on the Internet.  Due to market pressures we have continued to slash our already rock bottom prices.  This in turn, has cut our margins even further.  Thinner margins mean we cannot afford to spend the thousands of hours each year required to verify and process credit cards for scales selling under $100.00.  Smaller margins and increasing credit card fraud have prompted us to invoke this new policy in order to protect ourselves and our customers alike.  This is the only way that will allow us to continue offering you the deep discount prices.  We understand to some people these terms of doing business with PWB are unacceptable and understand we will lose some business.  If 95% of our customer base accept the Paypal concept we don't mind loosing the 5% who request parcels ship to their girlfriend's house or college dorm since these same people are much more prone to committing credit card fraud.

FRAUD - For a merchant accepting credit cards on-line is risky business that have put many businesses out of business especially when you don't following the guidelines set in the merchant agreement.  It doesn't take long for an honest cardholder in a financial crisis to figure out that he/she can give their niece their credit card and have them go on a shopping spree.  When the credit card statement arrives, they simply call the bank and say, "I did not authorize these purchases, someone must have stolen my card."  In the event of credit card fraud we not only loose 100% of the money in the original transaction, but we are also charged additional penalty fees by our credit card processor.  To top it off, we also lose the product since it has already been shipped out to the fraudulent card user.  Even with our stepped up attempts to weed out fraudulent orders, we are being victimized by more and more fraud on a daily basis and we must alter our policies in response and Paypal is the solution.ohaus mini scales

VERIFICATION PROCESS - To minimize the risk of fraud we only ship credit orders to the billing address of the cardholder.  In order to accomplish this we conduct an address verification.  This process requires a PWB staff member to contact the card-issuing bank and verify that the billing address provided matches the one on record.  Many times the bank name on the credit card is service by a larger financial institution some we need to make 2 or 3 calls just to verify the name and address of the card holder.  All of this takes valuable time that could be used serving you in better ways.  Accepting PayPal payments only eliminates all these time consuming efforts.weighing in grams, ounces, pennyweight and more

DECLINED CREDIT CARDS - An increasing proportion of the credit cards we process are coming back declined.  American consumers have become accustom to retailers running their cards until they finally approve.  PWB can no longer afford the many hours required to charge such accounts repeatedly, as well as the amount of personal service such customers demand on the phone.  Declined credit cards are no different than a stop payment on a check or one bounced for non-sufficient funds (NSF).  In addition, each time we attempt to process your credit card our credit card processors charges us 35 cents for the approval / decline.  Using Paypal limits this expenses for us and Paypal can deal with the declined approvals, not us.Tanita 1479V

Is There Any Other Method Of Payment I Can Use?
A) Yes, send us a US Postal Money Order, TravelersExpress MoneyGram, Western Union, American Express or Walmart money order by mail and receive the same Paypal Price for all order shipped in the USA.  We only accept money orders from the above people since computer geeks / cybercrooks have no problem printing up fake money orders.  Again, our objective is to process orders quickly and we don't have the time to call some local bank to verify if the money order is real.  When sending us your payment by money order, we advise you to use a registered and/or traceable mail service, and retain a copy of the purchase receipt.

We don't accept personal or business checks since STOP PAYMENT and NSF(non sufficient funds) cost us $20 if the check was returned by our bank.  Even if you want to sent a personal or business check and don't mind if we deposit it and not ship the parcel until the check clears - we don't want it since on many items our margins aren't even $20 to cover the bank fees for a bounced check.  Simply send us one of the above money orders payable to "PRECISION WEIGHING BALANCES".  Your local US Post Offices offers Postal Money orders for amounts up to $700.00 cost only 90 cents.  The post office accepts ATM cards and cash for these postal money orders.  Send your postal money order, along with the item you wish to purchase along with the address you want the parcel delivered to.  Send your prepayment to: PRECISION WEIGHING BALANCES 30 S CROSS RD, BRADFORD , MA 01835-8232 high quality A&D portable scales

Q) Can I Purchase Other Items On The Site Using Paypal?
A) Yes, simply send the money to our paypal account - "[email protected]".

Q) What Are The Terms and Conditions For Using Paypal?
Please review

Q) I Have More Questions, where do I get the answers? 
A) Check our FAQ page for more answers.

Q) What is the phone number to Paypal to answer more questions? 
A) You can call Paypal at 402-935-7733 for any more questions you have about Paypal.

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