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Most frequently asked questions:

Q) Do you have the item in stock?
A) Yes, we stock a huge inventory and have everything in stock.  Beware of all the other online scale companies that have "zero" inventory.

Q) What is Paypal?Paypal
Paypal is a company enabling people to send and receive money over the internet in a safe and secure environment.  Click here and we have an entire page dedicate just to answering any question you may have about Paypal.

Q) Are the scales new?
A) Yes, everything is brand new and backed with the full manufacturer's warranty.  We don't sell used, demo or refurbished units.  Everything is brand new.palm scale - beautiful design

Q) Who is Precision Weighing Balances?
A) We are the leaders in online sales of balances, scales and weighing accessories.  The company was started in 1995 and entered into e-commerce in 1996.  We offer rock bottom prices and a tremendous inventory of quality scales.  While many companies have come and gone on the internet we have learned the key points to success - knowledge of the product, detailed informative web site that supports the products we offer, inventory to get the products in your hands immediately and most importantly PRICE.  If you find it for less somewhere else it's probably to good to be true and you'll find out it is either used, broken or stolen.  You can read more about us here.

Q) How is my order shipped?
A) Orders are either shipped US Priority Mail with delivery confirmation or UPS ground at our discretion.  Typically, all pocket scales and parcels under 3 pounds purchased with Paypal are shipped US Priority Mail and arrive at your door in 3 to 4 business days.  For items weighing over 3 pounds we use UPS ground service.  Orders are shipped from our Bradford MA location (Zip Code 01835) and you can visit to determine transit times.

Q) What happens if the parcel is returned to us by either UPS or USPS?
A) Precision Weighing Balances is not responsible for shipping problems accepting the parcel from the freight carrier resulting in your parcel being returned and all returns will be consider refused resulting in the following fee assessed.  In the unlikely event any parcel comes back to us we will assess a $8.00 handling fee plus the cost to reship the parcel back to the CONFIRMED ADDRESS original sent by Paypal when the goods where purchased.  We will not ship to any other address other than the CONFIRMED ADDRESS.  If you don't reply to our notification or we can't get in touch with you that your parcel was returned we will credit your paypal account minus the Paypal fees (2.9% + $0.35) takes from us as their commission/processing fee minus the S&H fee and Precision Weighing Balances will impose a $15 service fee for our time posting the credit.Ohaus CS Series

Q) Will you ship to a Non Confirmed Address?
A) No.  Whatever the CONFIRMED ADDRESS is on the payment transaction ID will be the address we ship the parcel to and there are no exceptions.  You can write whatever you want in the Memo/Message section for the Paypal transaction, but we will ignore it.  If you can't understand why please read this and how we got ripped off for a simple bathroom scale.Tanita 1220 credit card scale

Q) Do you ship Next Day Air?
A) No.  This is hard for people to understand but our reasons are simple.  Any kind of air service is very expense and UPS does not always make delivery on time.  A simply 1 pound parcel cost $23.75 from us in Bradford, MA to a customer in California.  Add to the $23.75 UPS's fuel surcharge and whatever other fees UPS is accessing at the time and you have an expensive delivery fee.  Now, UPS has done a great job marketing their air service as a guaranteed delivery, but what they don't tell you is all the steps the shipper has to do to request a refund.  Bottom line is Air Delivery requires more staffing resources and we'll pass on the order.  Also, many people wanting Next Day delivery and not caring about the cost typically have good reason - the credit card they are using is stolen and they will never be paying for it away.
ohaus mini scales

I have a UPS Account, will you ship freight collect?

A) No.  Anyone can pick a UPS account number off a tracking label.  We don't have the time to call UPS and verify the account number is yours.  In addition, all one needs to do is call UPS about any charge posted on their account and immediately UPS will reverse the charges to the shipper which is us along with a $5 chargeback fee.  For the margins we work on we'll pass on the order.

Q) Do you ship FEDEX, DHL, Airborne, etc?
A) No.  We ship UPS or USPS Priority Mail and that is it.  We have chosen UPS and USPS since we have a daily pick-up and they have worked very well for our business.weighing in grams, ounces, pennyweight and more

Q) Is the parcel sent discrete?  What is the return address label on the box?
A) Yes.  The return address name is "PWB" with our address.  That's it, nice and simple and nobody will ever know what PWB is other than you.  We're not an, L.L. Bean or Lands End with pretty fancy boxes with all the company logos for marketing.  Instead we use either a Priority Mail Box or a simple brown corrugated shipping box and depend upon you spreading the good word about us for marketing.  We always say a satisfied customer telling friends about us is better than any magazine ad, banner ad or paid for placement on a search engines.Tanita 1479V

Q) Is my parcel insured for lost or theft?
A) No.  Under the guideline of Paypal all we need to prove was the item was shipped to the Confirmed Address on file with Paypal and therefore we use just delivery confirmation with the postal service.  Optional insurance will be available in the near future.  PWB takes no responsibility for lost orders, wrong deliveries or product damage caused by the Postal Service.

Q) Does PWB provide service for my scale?
A) No, PWB does not manufacturer, service, or repair any of the scales we sell.  All warranty, service, and repair inquiries must be directed to the manufacturer of your scale.  For your convenience we have provided you with the contact information for the manufacturers of the scales we sell on your invoice and online.triple beam balance

Q) Are there any guidelines for using Paypal with PWB?
Yes, you can review the terms and conditions here

Q) What is readability, capacity and all these scale terms mean?
A) Become a scale guru and review our glossary on scales here.

Q) Does PWB Accept International Orders?
A) No, Paypal presently does not guarantee us payment on international orders.  In addition, filling out the customs forms, additional paperwork and the inability to track the parcel just does not make it worth accepting international orders for the low, low profit margins we are working from sell the scales online.

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