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Voyager High Capacity Precision Balances

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When your applications demand more than a standard balance, the Ohaus Voyager is up to the task.  Voyager simplifies complicated procedures with straight forward menu prompts and pop-up windows for easy setup and navigation.  Big on features with an incredible combination of performance and value.  Built to meet the most rugged demands, the Ohaus Explorer accommodates up to 32,000g with a readability of 0.1g (note - linearity is only ± 0.4 g, See the A&D GP Series which offers readability to 0.1g and ± 0.2 g linearity).

Voyager's optional AutoCal automatically calibrates the balance when it senses a temperature change sufficient enough to affect weighing accuracy.  It automatically performs a calibration without you needing to press any buttons (you don't control the calibration, but instead the embedded software does).  AutoCal sounds great but it can cause problems when you really want to use your balance.  This could be problem with the high capacity balances (12kg, 22kg & 30kg) when used in asphalt applications where the aggregate may be warm enough that when it is brought close to the Explorer balance that you can't use the balance, since the unit is constantly performing the AutoCal.  The AutoCal can be disengaged on all Explorer models with the exception of the high capacity models.

Navigate easily through the Explorer's functions via the large liquid crystal display and cursor keys.  All Explorer and Voyager Series are equipped with a bi-directional RS-232 enabling the balance to be incorporated with a peripheral device.  Use the RS-232 with an optional Impact Printer to meet documentation requirements for EPA or FDA Good Laboratory Practices and Good Laboratory Manufacturing Standards. The table below shows two prices: one price without the internal calibration mass and one with the internal calibration mass.  The internal cal mass is less than 1KG, so it's best to think of the internal cal feature as a calibration adjustment since the internal mass is nowhere near the weight at the full capacity.  You can read more about this here and why we prefer external cal over internal calibration.

Compare the features of the Voyager verses Ohaus Explorer

Ohaus Voyager Series has been discontinued and replaced with the new Explorer Pro Series.  This web is online to help people researching the specifications of an old balance.
Explorer Pro High Capacity precision toploader balances feature large 11" x 14" platforms.  The Ohaus Explorer High Capacity Balances have been upgraded with check and differential weighing, statistical functions, formulation, and filling:
Model #

Capacity x Readability (g)

Pan Size
EP12001 12000 x 0.1 11" x 13"
EP22001 22000 x 0.1 11" x 13"
EP32001 32000 x 0.1 11" x 13"

Models With Internal Calibration
Your Price

with internal calibration

see the EP12001

see the EP22001

see the EP32001
Models Without Internal Calibration

Your Price

with external calibration - optional ASTM class 1 cal mass required for calibration.

see the EP12001

see the EP22001

see the EP32001
Capacity (g)
Readability (g)
Repeatability (Std. dev.) (g)
Linearity (mg)
Stabilization Time (sec)
less than or equal to 4 seconds
Tare range
Full capacity by subtraction
Large, high resolution, backlit graphic display with contrast control and with pop-up windows and menus to guide you through balance functions - display is a 240 x 128 dot matrix
Weighing Modes
g, lb, kg, oz, oz t, ct, dwt, taels (3), mommes, gn, ti, N, custom unit
Parts counting, differential weighing, quick check, statistics, formulation, filling, animal weighing, checkweighing, density determination & SQC
Function-Link, GLP protocol, contrast and brightness control, custom menu, pop-up windows, application library, go-back key and help text
Weighing sensor
MonoBloc sensor
Dimensions WxHxD (in/cm)
14 x 5.3 x 16.4 / 35.5 x 13.3 x 40.6
Pan size (in)
11 inches x 14 inches
Net weight (lb/kg)
27 / 12.3
Shipping weight (lb/kg)
31 / 14.1
2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Optional External Calibration Mass
10000 gram
20000 gram
30000 gram


A&D GP Series

GP Series high capacity balances standard features such as a numerical keyboard and counting memory function.  On-board memory stores up to five regularly used unit weights.  Swing arm design allows display to be moved from bench top to eye level.  Counting, over/under check weighing and outfitted with the optional weigh below underhook makes this high capacity toploading balance the leader in industrial, bio technology and pharmaceutical markets.  Pan size: 11" x 13.5"; dimensions (with display arm in verbal position) are 13 7/8" x 17" x 25".  The stainless steel weighing pan and sealed base are resistant to water and dust and IP-65 rated.

Select from 14 A&D industrial scales to meet your weighing needs.
Model Cap (g) x Read (g) Pan Size Calibration Price
GP-12K 12000 x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-20K 21000 x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-32K 6100 x 0.1 g
31000 x 1 g
15.1" x 13.5" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-30K 31000 x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-40K 41000 x 0.5 g 15.1" x 13.5" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-60K 61000 x 1 g 15.1" x 13.5" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-61K 61 kg x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-100K 101000 x 1 g 15.2" x 13.6" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-102K 61000 x 1 g
101000 x 10 g
15.2" x 13.6" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-30KS 31000 x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-32KS 6 kg x 0.1 g
31 kg x 1 g
15.1" x 13.5" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-60KS 61 kg x 1 g 15.1" x 13.5" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-61KS 61 kg x 0.1 g 15.1" x 13.5" Internal Cal See Price Here
GP-100KS 101000 x 1 g 15.2" x 13.6" Internal Cal See Price Here

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