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Ranger High Resolution Scales

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ohaus ranger high precision industrial scales Ohaus Ranger's High Resolution Series incorporates Mettler-Toledo's MonoBloc measurement technology offer external resolution up to 1:300,000.  The durable cast-aluminum housing is ideal for industrial applications.  Its high internal resolution and fast microprocessor produce results which are stable and accurate.  The Ranger high resolution scale is available in 3 platform sizes and a full range of capacities to meet your requirements for any industrial bench weighing application.  The Ranger's simple menu operation and large backlit LCD display makes Ranger easy-to-use in demanding industrial environments.

If you need a larger weighing platform see the Sartorius CPA High Capacity Scales.

Heavy-duty design with cast aluminum housing and stainless pan

RS232 port standard, second RS232 port as factory option

Large, backlit LCD display

Built-in AC power supply and factory-installed battery option

Compact bench design offers choice of two platform sizes

Multiple weighing units with gross, net, tare

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Capacity x Readability (g)
3000 x 0.01
6000 x 0.1
15000 x 0.1
35000 x 0.1
Capacity x Readability (kg)
3 x 0.00001
6 x 0.0001
15 x 0.0001
35 x 0.0001
Capacity x Readability (lb)
6 x 0.00002
12 x 0.0002
30 x 0.0002
70 x 0.0002
Capacity x Readability (oz)
60 x 0.0002
120 x 0.002
300 x 0.002
700 x 0.002
Linearity (g)
± 0.02
± 0.1
± 0.3
± 0.3
Tare Range
Full capacity by subtraction
Weighing Units
g, kg, lb, oz
0.63 in / 16 mm digit height, (Backlit LCD), with analog filling guide
Internal power supply /OPTINAL 30 hour rechargeable battery powered models available.
Weighing sensor
MonoBloc sensor
Stainless steel weighing pan / Painted cast-aluminum housing
Operating temperature
Standard models: - 10˚ C to 40˚ C
Storage temperature
- 20˚ C to 60˚ C
Platform size (w x d) (in/cm)
6.4 X 6.4 in
16.2 x 16.2 cm
9.5 X 8 in
24 x 20 cm
14 X 9.5 in
35 X 24 cm
Scale dimensions (w x d x h) (in/cm)
10.5 X 13.2 X 4 in
26.5x 33.5 x 10 cm
14.2 X 14.6 X 4.5 in
36 X 37 X 11.5 cm
Shipping dimensions (w x d x h) (in/cm)
16.5 X 19 X 10 in
42 x 48 x 25 cm
20 X 20.5 X 10.5 in
52 x 53 x 27 cm
Weight (lb/kg)
11.5 lb / 5 kg net
(14 lb / 6.5 kg gross)
21 lb/ 9.5 net
(24 lb / 11 gross)


high precision scale Scientech SHC digital high capacity scale offers 0.1 gram readability for highly accurate weighing results. These digital scales vacuum fluorescent display makes it easy to read results in any light whether conditions are dark or light. The digital electronic scale's stainless steel weighing platform creates a easy to clean, durable, long lasting scale.


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