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All of the features of the expensive laboratory milligram balances at a fraction of the cost!  Finally, high precision at a price to meet today's tight budgets.  The Ohaus Navigator™ N00330 offers 32 gram capacity (a nickel weighs approx. 5 grams) with 0.002 gram accuracy.  Now you experience a milligram balance at an affordable price.  Whether your performing chemical compounding requiring 2mg accuracy or weighing precious diamonds, emerald and sapphires to 0.01 carat resolution the Ohaus Navigator™ N00330 is an impressive balance for the buck.
Glass draft shield included
Intuitive keypad layout and display
RS232 interface
30 gram calibration mass included
Multiple weighing units & functions
AC or alkaline battery operation
Tactile feedback keypad
Energy-saving auto shut off

Ohaus Navigator Series has been discontinued and replaced with the new Adventurer Pro Series.  This web is online to help people researching the specifications of an old balance.
Milligram BalancesAdventurer Pro Milligram Balances

Ohaus Adventurer Pro Milligram Balances is engineered with a round removable draftshield for added convenience and functionality.  Users frustrated by spilled materials will welcome the easy-access 2.5" high weighing chamber:
Select from 14 different Adventurer Pro Precision Balances

Cap x Read (g)

Pan Size Power Your Price

65 x 0.0001

3.5" ø AC Only See Price

110 x 0.0001

3.5" ø AC Only See Price

260 x 0.0001

3.5" ø AC Only See Price

51 x 0.001

3.9" ø AC/Battery See Price

210 x 0.001

4.7" ø AC Only See Price

310 x 0.001

4.7" ø AC Only See Price

210 x 0.01

4.7" ø AC/Battery See Price

410 x 0.01

5.8" x 6.3" AC/Battery See Price

810 x 0.01

5.8" x 6.3" AC/Battery See Price

2100 x 0.01

6.6" x 7.1" AC Only See Price

3100 x 0.01

6.6" x 7.1" AC Only See Price

2100 x 0.1

5.8" x 6.3" AC/Battery See Price

4100 x 0.1

5.8" x 6.3" AC/Battery See Price

8100 x 0.1

5.8" x 6.3" AC/Battery See Price

Item No. Models w/o InCal™


  See the Ohaus AV53
Item No. Models w/InCal™


Capacity (g)


Readability (g)



Linearity (g)



g, mg, oz t, GN, N, oz, taels (3), dwt, ct, ti, m, tola, custom


parts count, percent weighing, animal weighing, checkweighing

Grams (g)

   30.000 g x 0.002 g

Milligrams (mg)

   30000 mg x 2 mg

Pennyweight (dwt)

   19.292 dwt x 0.002 dwt

Carats (ct)

   150.00 ct x 0.01 ct

Ounces (oz)

   1.0584 oz. x 0.0001 oz

Troy Ounces (ozt)

   0.9646 ozt x 0.0001 ozt

Grains (GN)

   463.05 GN x 0.05 GN

Tael HK (t)

   0.8016 t x 0.0001 t

Tael SG (t)

   0.7938 t x 0.0001 t

Tael RC (t)

   0.8002 t x 0.0001 t

Mommes (m)

   8.000 m x 0.001m

Newton (N)

   0.29426 N x 0.00002 N

TICAL (ti)

   1.8374 ti x 0.0002 ti

Tola (tola)

   2.5646 tola x 0.0002 tola

Stabilization time

3 seconds

Operating temp range

50 - 104F/10 - 40C

Built in RS232 Interface
Selectable Baud Rates or 300, 1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600
Power requirements

AC Adapter (supplied) or 8 - AA alkaline batteries (not included) Typical battery life without RS232 46 hours - with RS232, 37 hours

Display (in/cm)
LCD, 95mm wide x 50mm high
6 - 14 segment alphanumeric, 6 - 7 segment numeric

30 gram External calibration mass included.
The N10330 features
InCal™ but we don't recommend internal calibration for the reasons outline here.

Draft Dimensions

4.75 inches / 12 cm

Height from Pan to Top of draft shield cover (in/cm)

1.4 inches / 3.5 cm

Pan size (in/cm)

3 / 7.6 dia.

Dimensions (WxHxD) (in/cm)
without draft shield

10.5 x 7.25 x 2.25 / 27 x 18.4 x 5.7

Impact printer, RS-232 cable

Download the Instruction Manual now download manual   The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.

*Includes draft shield and calibration mass for model N00330 and N10330


Finally, a milligram balance that features the power of a laboratory balance at a price you can afford.draft shield removed  The Ohaus Navigator™ N00330 and N10330 offers 32 gram capacity with 2 milligram precision incorporated with lab balance functions like animal weighing, parts counting, checkweighing and more at a fraction of the price.  Setup is simple with 4 cursor keys, straightforward menus, and prompts that easily guide you through the process.  Designed with contours for easy cleaning, Navigator™ has a sealed front panel and a spill gutter to direct liquids off the balance.  Plug in the Navigator™ with the supplied AC adapter or be mobile with standard alkaline batteries.

The Navigator™ balance is a versatile, portable strain gauge balance offers a high level of operating convenience and useful functions to make accurate measurements usually obtained from higher priced force motor laboratory instruments.  A custom LCD panel has a large 6 digit, 7 segment display which indicates the weight value of an item being measured and a 6 character 14 segment display which spells out items selected in the menus. 

In addition, the display contains text which indicates the active operating mode of the balance.  Arrow indicators in the display prompt the user as to what panel keys are to be pressed to initiate a change.  Panel controls are clearly marked as to their function with large zero/tare buttons on either side of the front panel.  Operation and setup of the balance is straightforward and easy.  Setup is simple with 4 cursor keys, straightforward menus, and prompts that easily guide you through the process.  Navigator™ is designed with contours for easy cleaning and has a sealed front panel and spill gutter to direct liquids off the balance.  For leveling purposes, all models are equipped with adjustable feet and a level indicator.

Built-in bidirectional RS232 communication is standard on all models and allows communication with printers or computers.  We recommend you purchase the optional Cable, (scale to 9 pin PC I/O port or scale to 25 pin PC ) since the cable is not a standard RS-232 or null modem cable.  Weighing results can be printed automatically or sent to a computer a number of ways:

The Navigator™ is backed by OHAUS Corporation, a leading manufacturer of precision weighing equipment.  An Aftermarket Department with trained instrument technicians is dedicated to provide you with the fastest service possible in the event your instrument requires servicing.

Standard Features
RS232 bi-directional interface, auto shut off, weigh below, integral security bracket, rugged composite housing, sealed front panel, stainless steel pans, tactile feedback switches, user selectable stability levels and filters, stability indicator, menu and calibration lock-out switch.

Read more about the Navigator™ Series.

EJ300 scale

EJ3000 electronic scale

A&D EJ Series Portable Balances

EJ series compact weighing scales are high-resolution type electronic balances having display resolution of 1/12,000 to 1/60,000. EJ6100 balance has a counting function, percentage function and a comparator function. Backlight LCD display will help with weighing in low light places. EJ-6100 weigh scale can be operated with an AC adapter, or 4 AA size dry cell batteries for cordless operation. Optional RS232C serial interface can be connected with a printer or personal computer, and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) data can be obtained. Optional USB interface is available to connect with a personal computer easily.
Select from 10 AND balances to meet weighing needs
Model Capacity x Readability Platform Size Price
EJ120 120 g x 0.01 g ø 4.3" See Price
EJ200 210 g x 0.01 g ø 4.3" See Price
EJ300 310 g x 0.01 g ø 4.3" See Price
EJ410 410 g x 0.01 g ø 4.3" See Price
EJ610 610 g x 0.01 g ø 4.3" See Price
EJ1500 1500 g x 0.1 g 5"x5.5" See Price
EJ2000 2100 g x 0.1 g 5"x5.5" See Price
EJ3000 3100 g x 0.1 g 5"x5.5" See Price
EJ4100 4100 g x 0.1 g 5"x5.5" See Price
EJ6100 6100 g x 0.1 g 5"x5.5" See Price

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