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OHAUS CS200 PORTABLE DIGITAL SCALE  A compact balance providing total portability in a durable, easy to clean housing and can speed up any weighing task.  The Ohaus CS200 offers 200 grams weighing capacity with 0.1 gram precision.  It's ideal for outdoor or on-location quality control weighing applications when compact portability is a must.

If you're a cub master looking for the perfect weigh-in scale for pinewood derby cars to verify they weigh over 5 ounces the CS200 digital scale is the perfect scale offering accuracy to 0.01 ounce.  Avian breeders need to weigh their baby birds during the weaning process and the Ohaus CS200 meets the needs for most applications.

Nothing is simpler or faster than the Ohaus CS200 for weighing specimens for 0.1 gram to 200 grams.  The high-visibility monochrome liquid crystal display, sleek ergonomic design, and simply two button keypad makes the CS200 an engineering marvel for such a low cost.  The CS200 is backed with a full 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty.

The Ohaus CS200 is battery powered and comes equipped with three AA size alkaline batteries and AC adapter so you're ready to get to work the second you open the box.  The Auto-Shut-Off feature extends battery life by automatically turning off after approximately five minutes if no active weighing is occurring.  Additional features include:

  • Power Up Test : When the scale is turned on, all display segments will appear for approximately 3 seconds before resetting to zero.
  • Stable Reading Indication : On the display, theindicator will appear in the lower left corner of the display when a stable reading has been reached.
  • Simple two button keypad :
    1. On/Off/Zero : Pressing this key turns on the scale.  This same key operates the zero feature when the scale is on.  Press and hold this key for three seconds to turn the scale off.
    2. Cal/Unit : Press this key briefly to change the weighing unit from grams to ounces or vise versa.  Press and hold this key to begin the calibration procedure.
  • Easily Calibration Steps (requires optional $15.00 200 gram test mass).
    1. Allow the scale to warm up and stabilize for two minutes before commencing the calibration procedure
    2. Press and hold the "Cal/Unit" key until the calibration weight (200.0 g) flashes on the display
    3. With 200.0 flashing, press the "On/off/Zero" key, and the display will read "CAL 0."  After pausing for at least two seconds, place the 200 gram mass gently on the center of the weighing platform.
    4. The display will momentarily show "CAL F" and then return to the active weighing mode.  Calibration is complete when the display correctly shows the calibration weight, and the display has stabilized
    5. Remove the calibration weight and turn the scale off.  Now turn on the calibrated scale.

Note: The CS200 features a 200 gram / (7.05 ounce) weighing capacity which means the most you should ever have on the weighing platform at anytime is 200g / (7.05 ounces) .  The smallest increment the scale can every display is 0.1 gram / (0.01 ounces) .   Therefore, when weighing in the grams mode the LCD will increment 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g, .... 199.9g, 200.0g.  You will never see 0.01g or 0.05g with the CS200 .

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compact portable scale
Ohaus CS200 - CS Portable Balance
PWB Discounted Price
See price HERE
Shipping and Handling via UPS ground S&H $13.00
Capacity x Readability(g)  
200 g x 0.1 g
Weigh Units
g, lb, oz
Digital calibration from keypad
(calibration masses not included)
LCD, 0.4" / 11cm
Tare Range
To capacity by subtraction
Stabilization Time
3 seconds
Operating temperature
64 to 77 F / 18 to 25 C (optimum)
3 "AA" alkaline batteries (included) and AC adapter (included)
Auto shut-off
5 minutes no activity
(battery operation only)
ABS plastic housing, stainless steel pan
Scale Dimensions
8.0 x 5.5 x 1.5 / 20.3 x 14.0 x 3.8
Pan Size(inches) 146mm x 133mm / 5.75" x 5.25"
Net Weight
7 lb / 3.2 kg
1 Year Limited Warranty
Net Weight 0.91 lb / 0.47 kg
Portable Lab Scales  Manual
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Food Scale  Data Brief
Download this brochure for more information


    Digital Scales Select lb, g, or oz
    scale weighing display Easy to read LCD
    scale includes batteries Included 3 AA Batteries
    Balance power AC adapter AC Adapter (included)
    Plastic scale housing ABS plastic housing
    stainless steel weighing pan Stainless steel pan
    Precision Compact Scales Easy operation with two clearly marked buttons
    Easy weighing Easy to clean and transport.
    Low scale battery indicator Low battery indicator
    Scale auto shut off Auto shut-off feature to conserve battery life
    Protection for scale overload Mechanical and software overload protection
    Scale calibration External push button calibration


    Laboratory weighing Laboratory weighing
    General weighing General weighing
    Industrial scale Industrial Scale
    Forensic weighing Forensic Testing
    Home weighing applications Home Applications
    Quality control weighing Quality Control
    Soil sample scales Soil Sampling
    Postal weighing Postal Weighing
    Dietary scale Dietary Needs
ohaus compact scales

OHAUS CS Portable Scales - The perfect portable balance when cost matters and dependable results are a must!

The CS is designed with a large weighing platform and can adequately handle large samples including oversized letters. In addition, the standard stainless steel platform is removable for easy cleaning.

The CS has a low profile design and is truly portable when powered by three “AA” batteries (included). A standard AC adapter can also be used to power the CS, when used in a more permanent location.

This uniquely designed scale is useful in a wide variety of applications, more than any other scale in its class. Its perfect for use in light production, in the field, the kitchen, the office, and more. Easy operation, long battery life, and great performance make this product a truly remarkable value.

Digital postal weighing scale Ohaus CS200 with Mail Holder

digital scales
Select from 3 different Ohaus CS scales
Model Cap x Read Pan Size RF Protection Your Price
CS200 200 g x 0.1 g 5.75 x 5.25 in. YES See price HERE
CS2000 2000 g x 1 g 5.75 x 5.25 in. YES See price HERE
CS5000 5000 g x 1 g 5.75 x 5.25 in. YES See price HERE

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