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Explorer vs. Voyager

Whether you choose a full-featured thoroughbred like Voyager, or the basic horse like Explorer, your balance is equipped with a unique, user-friendly display module.  The major differences between the two series are:

Display (the Explorer has a LCD display with seven alphanumeric characters while the Voyager offers a high resolution backlit graphic display with contrast control and with pop-up windows and menus to guide you through balance functions - display is a 240 x 128 dot matrix)

Embedded software, Explorer features basic software functions while Voyager offers advance software to assist in laboratory procedures (Explorer - GLP protocol, parts counting, animal weighing, percent functions, while Voyager - Parts counting, differential weighing, quick check, statistics, formulation, filling, animal weighing, percent formulation, check weighing, density determination, SQC and pipette cal, with Program-Link and GLP protocol). 

Calibration software for balances purchased with internal cal option, Explorer features InCal while Voyager offers AutoCalWe don't recommend internal cal since it is really not a calibration since the internal mass is not a weight at the full capacity of the balance - it's more like a calibration adjustment, you can read more about this hereInCal allows the operator to press the "Setup" & "Enter" buttons on the indicator and scroll through the LCD prompts to perform the internal calibration (you control the calibration) while AutoCal featured with the Voyager equipped with internal cal with automatically do the calibration for you.  The software is designed when it senses a temperature change significant enough to effect the performance of the balance to automatically perform a calibration without you needing to press any buttons (you don't control the calibration, but instead the embedded software does).  Autocal sounds great but it can cause problems when you really want to use your balance.  This is especially a major problem with the high capacity balances (12kg, 22kg & 30kg) when used in asphalt applications where the aggregate may be warm enough that when it is brought close to the Explorer balance that you can't use it since the unit is constantly performing the AutoCal.  The AutoCal can be disengaged on all Explorer models with the exception of the high capacity models.

ohaus precision weighing balancesSince the balances are designed to be modular, upgrading is a snap.  Simply pop in a higher-function display module for instant access to advanced features such as a large, high resolution back-lit display with pop-up windows and help text, 11 user-friendly applications, and even a program link for running multiple applications simultaneously. 

When you choose any of the Explorer or Voyager series balances and purchase it with the optional AS142 Ohaus impact printer you'll be able to print documentation for GLP/GMP requirements at the touch of a button.  GLP with any of these balances couldn't be easier. The end user has the ability to select the information to be printed in the GLP format: Time & Date, Serial Number, Balance ID Number, Project Number, Automatic Calibration Printout/Verification, and even a place for a signature.  The security of a fully documented audit trail is available at the push of a button.

Whether you need the basic features of Explorer or the advanced features of Voyager, Ohaus' new series of balances will meet your expectations and needs.  Never obsolete.  As your needs change, upgrade from Explorer to Voyager by simply snapping in a higher-function display module, for instant access to advanced features.  Flexible modular remote display and keypad give you even greater workspace options.  Both series provides you with a newly engineered ergonomic leveling system and sleek case designed for easy cleanups.  Below is a comparison of the Voyager and Explorer to help assist in your decision on your next new balance purchase.


Ohaus Voyager Features Ohaus Explorer Features
  • Features 11 user friendly applications, i.e.: Statistics, Differential Weighing, Formulation, Check Weighing, Quick Check, Animal Weighing, Parts Counting, Filling, and GLP
  • Features 4 user friendly applications, i.e.: GLP, Parts Counting, Animal Weighing and Percent Functions
  • Large, high resolution, backlit display (240 x 128 dot matrix LCD display)
  • Custom LCD display with 7 alphanumeric characters enhance all balance features
  • ohaus voyager precision balances Pop-up windows and help text. All balance functions perform in a "windows" environment just like any Mac or PC
  • One Key, One function Buttons. No hidden key strokes, confusing codes, or press & holds.
  • AutoCal (Automatically calibrates the balance when the transducer senses a change in the ambient temperature.)
  • InCal (Balance senses ambient temperature changes: the Internal Calibration tells user when to calibrate it.)
  • Program-Link allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously
  • Not Available
  • Custom Menu puts the features that are use daily in one location for easy reference.
  • Not Available
  • Help Key: Press this button at any time for helpful tips.
  • Not Available
  • Contrast and Brightness control allows you to adjust the display to fit the needs of your location: easy to change any time.
  • Not Available
  • Application library stores and recalls your applications with the touch of a button.
  • Not Available

Two Large Tare Keys allow you to operate with your right or left hand with barely a glance

Complies with GLP/GMP and ISO requirements. Conforms to other companies and provides a documented audit trail.

RS232 connector is standard for computer or printer connection.

Dedicated Print Key allows easy documentation at any time.


The Only Balance That Lets You Have It Your Way.

Need different features during the life of the balance? Just replace the Explorer interface with a full- featured Voyager interface for a whole new world of capabilities.

One-touch keys allow for easy navigation.

4 Cursor keys allow for ease of navigation

An ergonomically engineered system makes leveling easy.

Pop-up windows and help text on Voyager models guide you through applications.
Contoured for easy cleaning.

Dedicated Print Key allows easy documentation at any time.

Custom LCD display on Explorer models with 7 alphanumeric characters enhances all balance features.
User Friendly Applications



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