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» 40-80g x 0.01mg

» 80-310g x 0.1mg
» 410-510g x 0.1mg

» 80 x 0.1mg
» 120g x 0.1mg
» 210 x 0.1mg
» 100/210 x 0.1/1mg

» 150-510g x 1mg
» 1000-1500g x 1mg

» 150g x 1mg
» 250g x 1mg
» 350g x 1mg
» 500g x 1mg
» 40/400g x 1/10mg
» 100/510 x 1/10mg

» 400-2000g x 0.01g
» 3-6kg x 0.01g

» 3-12kg x 0.1g

» 3-12kg x 0.1g

» 12,000g x 0.1g
» 16,000g x 0.1g
» 20,000g x 0.1g
» 30,000g x 0.1g

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Data Input KeyboardSL-Series


Being a small electronic manufacturing firm, we are constantly trying to improve our inventory control accuracy while improving employee efficiency and productivity.

One goal was to make our parts counting function accurate, quick, and easy.  Our solution has been the installation of Scientech Series 9000 electronic balances along with their optional data input keyboard.  Their balance and keyboard allow us to weigh count small electronic parts such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, crystals, pots, fuses, IC's, connectors, and clips as well as standard mechanical parts like clamps, discs, jumpers, screws, nuts, bolts, labels, etc.  No part is too small since Scientech offers models that can weigh count to a resolution of 0.0001 gram.

In examining different balance manufacturers' products, it was quickly determined that their scheme of first placing 10 parts on the weighing pan to start each weigh count process was both time consuming and inaccurate.  We wanted to input a parts counting conversion factor directly into the balance or be able to store the conversion factor some where in the balance software.  Scientech's keyboard gave us the option of using either method.  We also wanted a high quality balance that would not break the bank.  Scientech again was our choice.

On our high volume tiny parts, we store the conversion factor into one of 50 memory storage locations in the Scientech balance software.  Then we place the parts on the balance, enter the memory location on the keyboard, press two keys, and the balance display gives us an accurate count.  On our lower volume small parts, we have a control bag of parts in the stock location (it can be any number of parts you desire but must be statistically significant for accuracy).  We then place the bag of parts on the balance, enter the number of parts, and press a pieces key.  Now we can count this part and know it is accurate.  At times we put any known number of parts (not just 10) on the weighing pan, enter the number of parts, and press a pieces key.

Do we get better inventory accuracy?  How about 99.8% just last year!!!