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Siltec PS5AP 500 lb scale My uncle is extremely obese (over 400 lbs.), on a fixed income, and uses an oxygen machine for emphysema.  His doctor has insisted he lose weight to alleviate further health complications.  In order to monitor his weight, he needed to go the doctor's office to be weighed.  This became an awkward task and he ceased the daily trips to the office.  Most scales for people only weight up to 300 lbs.  After researching scales that weigh over 300 lbs., I found them to be very expensive up to $700.  Since I would be purchasing a scale for his convenience, I looked literally everywhere.

One day, while on the internet, I saw Precision Weighing Balances' website.  I saw a scale, the Siltec PS5AP , which offers 500 lbs. weighing capacity for only $199.95.  I called immediately to obtain further information.  The sales representative was extremely knowledgeable about this product.  The scale compares in size to a regular scale people use for weighing themselves.  It has a red LED display which is eye level and connected by a post.  The platform is removable making it easier to wash.  It is easily assembled and electricity or batteries can be used.  Weight can be measured in either pounds or kilograms.

Needless to say, I purchased the scale for its features, price, and speedy and kind service I received from Precision Weighing Balances.  I had never purchased anything on the Internet so I was a bit apprehensive.  The scale arrived within 4 days in excellent condition.  I assembled it in minutes and its performance is outstanding.  My uncle uses it daily.  Although I don't need such a scale for myself, I'm considering buying another one for me. 

I was so impressed with the service I received from Precision Weighing Balances, I called to thank them for their service and professionalism.  My uncle was curious about a scale for weighing his food.  When I inquired, the representative recommended the Tanita KD200-210 for $69.95.Tanita  food scale   It has a black and white LED display and a 7" x 7" platform.  The platform is large enough to hold a plate of food unlike others.  Using the tare button, the plate can be place on the scale empty and then with the food to give an accurate weight.  It also measures in pounds and kilograms.  I purchased the scale without reservation.  Once again, the service, price, and quality were outstanding.

My uncle has lost over 25 lbs. since using these scales.  He has much more to go.  But being able to weigh himself at home and weigh his food on a daily basis is crucial for monitoring weight loss.

I would like to thank Sharon Finnegan for submitting this article.

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Made in JapanDon't want to buy the PS5AP since you either don't need the indicator pole , don't want to assemble the indicator pole or want to just save a few bucks ?  Then be sure to see the Siltec PS500L.

Tanita doesn't just build scales they build exceptional healthcare scales and take it a step further by making them aesthetically pleasing with a high quality baked white enamel finish, stylish indicator and large one inch LCD for easy reading.mechanical physician scales by health o meter  The BWB-800-S is a precision weighing scale offering 440 pound capacity with a precise graduation of 0.2 lbs (that can be switched to kilograms at the touch of a button).

We also offer Health-O-Meter & SECA mechanical physician scales.



Need more weighing capacity or a larger weighing platform?  Be sure to see the Siltec WS-Series featuring a large 15" x 15" platform and capacity up to 2000 pounds.

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