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On The Importance of Weighing in Falconry

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The North American Falconry Association Falconry, often thought of as a medieval sport, is alive and well in the modern world.  In the days of yore, falconry was a sport widely practiced among the kings and nobles of Europe and around the world.  This was accomplished by the noblemen hiring a "royal falconer", whose job consisted entirely of tending to the royal falcons.  With that much time on their hands, they came to know the falcons, and falconry, very well.  They could tell when their falcons were ready to fly by the look in their eye and the feel of their breast.
The British Hawking Assoc.

American Falconry Magazine

Falcn on triple beam balance To fly properly, a falcon must be hungry.  A non-social animal, they fly only for food.  Unlike a dog, they do not hunt for sport or to please their masters.  Falconers in medieval times understood this and went about experimenting until they found the proper look and feel of a hungry falcon. 
Falconer's World Online Magazine Unfortunately for us, in today's world, few of us have the time to spend the entire day, every day, learning the look and feel of a hungry falcon.  Fortunately for us, there is another way.  Some time along the progression of this ancient sport, someone figured out that, if a very precise weight measurement of a falcon could be made, one could tell a hungry falcon from a full one.  This variant could be only a few grams, but was enough for a falconer to be able to tell if his falcon would be willing to pursue game and return to the falconer, or if his falcon would spend the day in high flight whilst the falconer spends his day hoping his prized falcon comes back.
Our best selling 3 beam
The need for precise measuring devices for the sport of falconry was born and the need for a falconer to spend countless hours hoping to eventually obtain success was gone.  Now falconry could be practiced by those who could not obtain the funds to hire a royal falconer. 
Ohaus triple beam with dial *Note:  Most countries and all states in the USA require a falconer to be properly licensed.  It may be a serious crime in your area to obtain a raptor without proper licensing.  Please contact your local game agency for information on licensing standards.

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