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Numismatics Applications
My coin collection

As a coin collector, I wanted to purchase a scale to weigh precious metals.  After browsing the World Wide Web, Precision Weighing Balances had the most variety at the lowest prices.  Many times, low grade gold and silver coins do not weigh their original uncirculated standard weights.  Coin dealers will bargain better with collectors when the gold and silver coins are weighed.  Usually coin prices are based on grade and date.  But when the coins' weight is significantly deficient due to wear and tear, an argument can be made for an additional reduction from dealers' suggested retail price.  I have saved hundreds of dollars making offers lower than the asking price because of the diminished weight of the coins.

Tanita 1471 weighs in grams & ouncesThe Tanita 1471 scale (now discontinued and the replacement is the Tanita 1479S) is perfect for this use.  Being a pocket scale, it can be brought and used in coin shops and coin shows.  It weighs in grams and ounces making it an optimal choice in the precious metals business.  Many interested people ask me where I purchased the scale.  When they see the discounts I successfully bargain for, they often show interest in purchasing one.  Precision Weighing Balances offers great and efficient service and I recommend them to everyone. 

The quality of the scale is excellent and it works perfect for my weighing application.  For example, the quarter weighs 5.67 grams.  On the scale it weighs in at 5.7 (within one tenth of a gram).  The older silver quarters (pre 1965) weigh 6.25 grams in mint condition.  An uncirculated specimen weighs in at 6.3 grams.  Older worn quarters have weighed from 5.5 to 6 grams depending on grade.  Based on the price of silver, discounts off asking price have been substantial.

1834 Classic Head Type LibertyThe Gold coins offer more dramatic bargains.  These coins are measured in ounces, which makes the Tanita 1471 an outstanding choice for the numismatic hobby.  The 1471 switches from grams to ounces with a simple press of the button.  You only need one scale to weigh gold, silver, clad, or zinc.  The $10 gold eagle weighs .48375 oz. in uncirculated condition.  The Tanita 1471 weighs in at .484 oz. .005 accuracy!  Precision Weighing Balances' detailed specification on the web made selecting the scale a cinch.  The specs for the 1471 list the readability as 0.005 oz if you are weighing an item from 0 -1.75 oz. and then the readability switches to 0.01 oz. if the item weighs from 1.75 - 3.5 oz.  Worn samples have weighed from .423 to .478 ounces.  Notwithstanding specific date rarities, there is a lot to be made in the bargaining process.

Another wonderful use for this scale I have found is at flea markets.  Jewelry items can be weighed very easily.  Gold and silver items can be priced by weight.  Again, the asking price can be bargained much lower in many cases especially when I know the weight.

Ohaus SC2020 offer 10mg readabilityFor my home use I also purchased the Ohaus Scout SC2020 portable toploading balance.  The SC2020 weighs down to 0.01 grams.  Having two scales is really overkill, but I am really a numismatic fanatic.  I have entered my coin collection into an Excel Spreadsheet and recorded all the weights of my gold and silver pieces.  The Ohaus SC2020 is a larger scale than the Tanita 1471 and really does not offer the portability and convenience the Tanita 1471 offer when I am on the road scouring for a bargain

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Be sure to see the MyWeigh Palm 7.0 and Palm 8.0 pocket scales as alternative model if you need 0.01 gram readability.


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