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A&D WinCT Data Communication Software

Import data directly in an Excel SpreadsheetA&D "WinCT" delivers technological achievements with the utmost simplicity.  A&D's new "WinCT" software includes two programs (RsCom and RsKey) and is specifically designed for A&D Balances equipped with an RS232C interface and your pc.  The software is compatible with Windows, Window 95, 98 & NT.  Eliminate manual data entries with the WinCT software package and increase your efficiency by providing fast error-free storage of your weighing data directly to your computer.  All A&D GR-Series and GX-Series come standard with RS-232c interface with a WinCT software CD ROM.  You can also download the software online now.  

RsKey allows you to import weighing data directly into an application such as Excel or Word.  RsKey mode can paste data transmitted from a balance, as if data is entered by a keyboard using applications such as Excel, Word and Text Editor, etc.  You can also receive GLP data from your A&D balance.  Rskey only allows data to be transfer from the balance to your computer, while RsCom allows you to control your balance via the computer keyboard.

Using RsKey couldn't be easier once you download the software and load it into your PC  Just follow the steps below and say good-bye to manual importing weighing data into MS Excel spreadsheets

Step 1 Start the RsKey window.  Run the "RsKey" menu.  Default menu address is [Start] - [Program] - [A&D WinCT] - [RsKey].

Step 2 RS-232C Setup.  Set the RS232C parameters in the computer to match the balance's parameters.  This configuration is the exact same as outlined for configuring the RS232C parameters for RsCom.Monitor Com1

Step 3 Select (click) the [Test] key.  After clicking the [Test] RsKey will minimize and the test window (Monitor Com1) opens (image displayed to the right.)

Step 4 When the balance displays the stability indicator, press the balance's [Print] key.  Check weighing data in the window (Monitor Com1) on your computer monitor.

Step 5 Select (click) the [ x ] icon in the Monitor Com1 window to close the test mode.  Now you are ready to collect data.

Step 6 Start the importing application such as Excel or MS Word to enter data.

Step 7 Place the cursor in the importing application where data is to be entered.

Step 8 Select (click) the [Start] key in the RsKey window.  The RsKey window is minimized, [RsKey Com#] is displayed on the task bar, and RsKey is ready to receive and display.  The blinking sign "o" means that RsKey is ready to receive data.

Step 9 When the balance displays the stability indicator and the [Print] key of a balance is pressed, the data is entered at the cursor's position.

Step 10 Select (click) the [RsKey Com#] on the task bar to stop communication.  The display will return to the RsKey window.

Step 11 Select (click) the [End] key in the RsKey window to exit (close) RsKey.


Note: I performed some testing of RsKey on my own and I found that you can use the Monitor Com as an alternative to a Remote Display.  Some balance manufacturer sell remote displays for many hundred dollars.  Now you can do it on your computer monitor using RsKey.

This could be a great feature in demonstrating formulation of compounds enabling the audience to view the weight on the computer monitor instead of gathering around the LCD display on the balance.  You can configure your A&D balance to have the data out in the "stream mode" by accessing "dout" [Data output] and selecting "Prt 3" [data output mode].  Now the data will be streaming out in real time and you don't need to press the "Print" key on the balance to display the resulting on the monitor.  This is a great feature for presentations.

A&D really makes a great product and best of all the WinCT software is free to use when you on a A&D balance with the RS232c interface.

Click here to download WinCT or check out RsCom now.  All this great software can only be used when you buy a A&D Balance with the RS232C module.  Check out the A&D line we offer.

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