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One feature that is increasingly more important is the ability for any laboratory instrument to offer data output for ISO, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) or GMP optional batterycompliance.  In conjunction with this, the ability to interface with a LIMS network is also significant.  ISO GLP/GMP compliant software built into most of the A&D balances allow for recording and printing capability.  This data output helps users provide traceable documentation when using the balance in a quality management system.  The user can automatically generate a record of each calibration, adjustment, raw data and related values.  This includes date, time, balance model, a unique ID number to identify the balance, balance serial number, and the weight of the mass on the platform.  There is also a spot for the signature of the operator performing the calibration operation to insure a documented record.  Weights by themselves are useless unless they are tagged with some sort of identification and conforms to GLP, GMP, ISO and LIMS standards.  

A&D offers a free balance communication application called RsKey.  The software is compatible with Windows, Window 95, 98 & NT.  Eliminate manual data entries with the RsKey and increase your efficiency by providing fast error-free storage of your weighing data directly to your computer.  All A&D GR-Series and GX-Series come standard with RS-232 interface (all other models the RS-232c is am accessory.)  RsKey allows you to import weighing data directly into an application such as Excel or Word.  RsKey mode can paste data transmitted from a balance, as if data is entered by a keyboard using applications such as Excel, Word and Text Editor, etc.  You can also receive GLP data from your A&D balance.GLP

An RS232 interface is required to output this GLP/GMP data through the RS232 port to a computer and/or optional printer simply by pressing the "print" button on your balance.  Outputting the weight, calibration data, balance ID, serial number, date and time to your workstation or network server could not be easier.  The data format is in ASCII as either 7 or 8 bits (bit 7 is for even or odd parity while bit 8 is for no parity at all.)  The A&D balances feature a selectable baud rate of: 600; 1200; 2400; 4800; 9600 bps.  The RS232 offers bi-directional communication enabling the user to control the balance with commands from the PC just as easily as controlling the balance from it's panel keypad.  Many of the A&D precision toploading (HF, HFG, GP-Series)and analytical balances (HM, HR-Series) allow for the purchase of an optional RS232 interface. 

The maximum amount of weight reading capable of being transferred is equal to the LCD display rate for the particular A&D model you are interested in.  For example the HR/HM analytical can transmit 5 readings per second for stable reading and 10 readings per second when transmitting unstable weigh readings.

In the table below is a we have specified the pin out of the RS232 for all of the A&D balances.  The connector on the back of all A&D balances equipped with an RS-232 is a DB25 female. Typically the I/O port on a computer is a DB9 male.

Pin No. Signal name Direction Description
1 FG - Frame ground
2 R x D Input Receive data
3 T x D Output Transmit data
4 RTS Input Ready to send
5 CTS Output Clear to send
6 DSR Output Data set ready
7 GND - Signal ground
8 - 25 N.C. - -
A&D Balance
25-PIN port
Standard PC RS-232
9-PIN Connector
RxD 2
3 TxD
TxD 3
2 RxD
Signal Ground 7
5 Signal Ground

A&D Balance
25-PIN port
Standard PC RS-232
25-PIN Connector
RxD 2
2 TxD
TxD 3
3 RxD
Signal Ground 7
7 Signal Ground


GLP and LIMS compatibleData from balances can be collected and processed for more advanced applications in the manufacturing and WinCT is absolutely FREEindustrial environments such as pharmaceuticals and bio technology markets.  Contracting a software developer to create a custom program is one costly option.

WinCTAll A&D Balances equipped with the optional RS232c interface can use the A&D WinCT balance communication software to interface with your computer.  WinCT is freeware and extremely useful for importing data into window applications like MS Excel and MS Word.  Click here to read more about is great software that is absolutely FREE.

Download the EK-H Series RS-232 Instruction Manual (1.00 MB) or GP Series Instruction Manual (5.43 MB).  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.

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