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A&D Analytical and Precision Toploading Balances our spectacular value.

Before you make that final decision on purchasing a new analytical or precision toploading balance we would like to stress that A&D is "Clearly a Better Value."A&D is our #1 selling balance  The marketplace for laboratory balances is getting more competitive everyday.  Beautiful full page color ads appear in major laboratory and pharmaceutical trade journals/magazines.  Big money is being invested to capture your attention to consider buying a balance from one of those European balance manufacturers that have the attitude, thinking they are the best.  As new young blood enters the job industry in managerial positions such as laboratory managers, they know you buy a piece of equipment to achieve a task.  Just because the past lab manager always bought a European built balance doesn't mean they have to purchase the same overpriced balance.  Now more than ever A&D balances, which are made in Japan, are filling your weighing needs for a lot less money.  Add Precision Weighing Balances' deep discount prices and there is probably never any reason to shop anywhere else whenever you need to purchase a balance.

Precision Weighing Balances believes in today's marketplace when you need to make wise purchasing decision and keep within your budget requirements, there is only one brand to buy and that's A&D from Precision Weighing Balances.

Forget all those promotional gimmicks like merchandise gift certificates from some gadget catalog or big trade-in rewards for what they claim is "your old worthless lab balance."  This is a great marketing idea for an overpriced balance.  What do you think they do with your old lab balance that they make you think is worthless?  Probably right in the trash, since it is worthless.

Precision Weighing Balances has a different marketing approach.  Sell at "deep discount prices" has been our marketing focus since we started on the internet 1996.  People come to the Internet for value and up-to-date product information.  There is no doubt operating on-line allows us to update new product information instantaneously and we don't have the burden of some big costly catalog that just clutters your office.  Sure these product catalogues selling everything from beakers to balances to pH meters to stirrers, but do they know anything about the balance other than the catalog part number?  We sell balances and balances only.  By focusing on balances only we know the product extremely well and we buy them in bulk so we pass the saving onto you the consumer.

We believe A&D offers the best balance for your budget when you need an analytical or precision toploading balances.  Add to this our deep discount prices and there is only one analytical or precision toploading balance for you to consider - A&D.60 month warranty

The A&D strategy against those other balances manufacturers is A&D's design simplicity, ease of after sale service, and strongest warranty (60 months) in the industry.  A&D has the longest warranty.  Five years parts and labor.  A&D does make it easy to get a product serviced and a direct flat rate fees to end users for balances out of warranty.

Additional factors for you to compare about A&D Balances over the competition includes:

Add it all up and A&D Weighing products are "Clearly a Better Value"

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