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Plastic Breeze break removed
A&D HF320 is a dual range precision balance featuring 0-60g x 0.001g / 60 -310 x 0.01g.  These balances are brand new and priced to move.  Why are they being sold so cheap?  No, they are not stolen, simply old stock that needs to be moved quickly since the HF320 is now being replaced with the A&D GF300.  These are not gray market units and there are no strings attached to this unheard of deal.  We are an authorized A&D Dealer and purchased all the remaining stock of the HF-320 to pass the savings on to you.  All HF-320 are backed with a full 5 year manufacturer's warranty from the date you purchase it from us.

The HF-320 is electro magnetic force motor providing stable, accurate weighing results verses low cost strain gauge transducer technology found in many of the scales under in the under $600.00 price range.  We took apart an HF-Series just to show you the high quality superior design the HF-Series features.


All unit come with plastic breeze break
Plastic Breeze break comes standard

ISO-9002 Certified

Integral Print Key

 Overload Protection

HF-10 Optional Glass Breeze Break

Features 60 month warranty
Strong Aluminum Alloy Construction

Multiple Weigh Modes allow the user to select and toggle between units of weight for even greater versatility

Easy-to-Read Wide Angle LCD features large numerals that are clearly visible.  Stability indicator that appears when the displayed reading is data you can trust.

ptional Battery Pack for portable operation & operation in areas with low power problems

GLP Software outputs the calibration data & ID Number of the balance for calibration confirmation to the AD-8121A Printer or WinCT and your computer

Animal weighing. For maximum accuracy, the HF-320 can be programmed to average readings over a set period of time -- ideal for weighing lab animals or for work in unstable environments.

Parts counting with ACAI software for QC and inventory control and your parts department.

Built-in under hook for magnetic material and density measurement

Conforms to GLP, ISO and Lims. Outputs ID and serial number to a computer or the optional AD-8121A Printer


WinCTWinCT is absolutely FREE A&D HF-320 purchased with the optional RS232c interface (part # HR-03, $129.00) can use the A&D WinCT balance communication software to import data into MS Excel spreadsheets.


A&D Model:

HF-320 dual range balance

Price: SOLD OUT!
Gram (g)

310 x 0.01 / 60 x 0.001

Decimal Ounce (Oz)

10 x 0.0005 / 2 x 0.00005

Decimal Pound (lb)

0.6 x 0.00005 / 0.13 x 0.000005

Troy Ounce (ozt)

9.9 x 0.0005 / 1.9 x 0.00005

Pennyweight (dwt)

199 x 0.01 / 38 x 0.001

Carat (ct)

1550 x 0.05 / 300 x 0.005

Momme (mm)

82 x 0.005 / 16 x 0.0005

Grain Unit (GN)

4784 x 0.2 / 925 x 0.02

Tola (t)

26 x 0.001 / 5 x 0.000

Tael (TL)

8 x 0.0005 / 1.6 x 0.00005

Pound x Ounce
(x 0.01 oz)
10.9 oz
Percentage Min. Div.



± 0.02g / ± 0.002g

Repeatability/Std. Dev.

0.005g / 0.001g

Stability Time (typically)

1.5 seconds (typically)

Sensitivity Drift

± 5ppm / °C(10°C~30°C / 50°F~ 86°F)

Display Refresh

5 times/s, 10 times/s or automatic (Selectable)

Pan Size

120mm / 4.7 inches

Physical Dimensions


194(W) x 319(D) x 85(H) mm


7.6(W) x 12.6(D) x 3.3(H) in

Breeze Break Dimensions
(option HF-10)


Internal: 180(W) x 192 (D) x 208(H) mm


Internal: 7.1(W) x 7.5(D) x 8.2(H) in

Operating Temperature

5°C~40°C / 41°F~104°F RH less than 85%

Weight (Approx.)

3.3 kg / 7.3 lb.


120VAC (AC adapter) 50/60 Hz

Rechargeable Battery Pack (NiMH)
(option OP-10)
10 hours continuous operation with rechargeable battery pack (optional)
Standard Accessories

Manual, AC Adapter, Built-in Underhook, Plastic Breeze Break

Optional Accessories

RS-232C/20mA Interface, NiMH Battery, External Calibration mass, All Glass Draft Shield, Printer

External Selectable Cal. Mass (optional)


Comparable Models, with similar specs but different features
The HF-320 comes standard with a Plastic Breeze Break.  The internal height dimensions is approximately half the height of the optional breeze break HF-10.  Precision Weighing Balances recommends you consider purchasing the HF-10 all-glass draft shield to brighten up the weighing chamber.  The HF-10 offers 3 sliding glass doors, while the plastic breeze break only allows you to lift off the breeze break top and its panels are clear acrylic plates.

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