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See the GF-Series -All the features of the GX but without internal cal



GX's dust & splash-proof ability (up to IP54 level).

  1. The GX Balances' upper & lower case housings are designed so that upper case housing entirely covers and overlaps the lower case when it is assembled.

  2. Little dust can enter the balance through the pan-support-foot holes because the shape of the pan-support-foot is designed to cover those holes.

    It is very rare for dust or foreign material to enter the balance from the side direction because there is bosses at the outer-circumference of the pan-support-holes.

  3. The balance unit is entirely covered with a standard dust cover when it is not in use, so no dust can enter the balance.

  4. The AC adapter jack and the standard RS-232C's connector are located at the lower part position on the GX main unit, so there is little chance of dust invading through these areas.  Additionally, as double-protection, the RS-232C connector comes with a plastic cover to keep out dust.

  5. A&D designed the keyboard overlay as a single sheet, so dust cannot come enter the balance through the keyboard.  Some of European made balances have a problem with dust easily entering the balance through the keyboard.  It is one of the competition's Achilles Heel's and a weak point.

  6. In the GX Balance class, no other competitors' balances are designed to fully meet dust & splash-proof conditions.  In an environment full of dust, foreign material and oil-mist for long periods of time, these foreign substances gradually invade the balance.

  7. The SHS is designed with the same clearance as the other A&D balances.  Mettler's "Monobloc" sensor is made of one piece of metal in which a lever mechanism is fabricated by a numerically controlled, fine wire-cutting electric-spark machining way.  Theoretically, one piece of metal eliminates instability associated with different metals or mechanisms constructed of different components or materials.  The Mettler AB Series with their Monobloc sensor has slits which are about 0.3 to 0.4 mm in width.  If dust or foreign material becomes lodged in these slits, the sensor stops transferring force to the magnetic sensor accuratelyThus the fine fabrication of narrow slits in the metal has turns out to be the Achilles Heel for balances designed with the Monobloc weighing cell in terms of price and serviceability.  It is very hard to repair the Monobloc once it malfunctions.
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