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RS-232C for EK-H Series

GLP - Good laboratory processThe EK-400H and EK-600H with only output data via the RS232C to 0.1 gram even though the LCD can display the resolution to 0.01 gram.  The reason for this is the EK400H & EK600H are Legal-for-Trade only to 0.1 grams accuracy.  If the scale was to output data to a reading of 0.01 g it would be a violation of the National Type Evaluation Program Certificate of Conformance for Weighing and Measuring Devices.  If the data was outputted in the higher resolution (0.01 gram) via the RS232 the data output could be misconstrued in a Legal for Trade weighing application.  For this reason the EK-400H and EK-600H can only output data in all 8 weighing units (pound, gram, ounce, pennyweight, grain, troy ounce, carat and momme) as if it was being used in a Legal-for-Trade application.

The same is applicable to the as EK4000H and EK6000H with data output via the RS232C is only 1 gram even though the LCD can display the resolution to 0.1 gram.  WinCT is absolutely FREEIf you application requires the data outputted to a higher resolution than what the EK-H Series offers we recommend you take a look at the A&D GX/GF Series.

WinCTAll A&D EK-H Series Balances equipped purchased with the optional RS232C interface can use the A&D WinCT balance communication software to interface with your computer.  The software is compatible with Windows, Window 95, 98 & NT.  Eliminate manual data entries with the WinCT software package and increase your efficiency by providing fast error-free storage of your weighing data directly to your computer.

We performed some testing of our own to see how much data could be capture using RsCom in a 60 second time interval.  We used a A&D EK4000H-C and configured the data output function on the balance to "Stream Mode" which data is outputted continuously.  We were able to acquire 316 samples in a 60 second period.  This is an amazing amount of data collecting for people attempting to collect weight loss/or gain over time.  If the weight is constantly changing in applications (ie. weight loss/gain over time) A&D balances have the ability to output 600 readings per minute and the WinCt program can capture them all for you.  A&D really makes a great product and best of all the WinCT software is free to use when you on a A&D balance with the RS232c interface.

A&D Model:





Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued
Gram (g)

400 x 0.01

600 x 0.01

4000 x 0.1

6000 x 0.1

Alternative Replacement

Mettler-Toledo JL602-GLA01

Mettler Toledo JL6001 GLA01


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