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See the EKi Series with lower prices, as much as 38%
The latest in weighing technology from A&D to meet the needs of jewelers, scientist, students and QA/QC professionals.

A&D Model:





Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued
Gram (g)

400 x 0.01

600 x 0.01

4000 x 0.1

6000 x 0.1

Alternative Replacement

Mettler-Toledo JL602-GLA01

Mettler Toledo JL6001 GLA01

Higher Resolution! Up to 60,000 counts
Advance Loadcell Design with temperature compensation software.  Features a built in thermistor on the loadcell to pick up the slightest temperature change.  Incorporates exclusive temperature compensation software and you have A&D's newest masterpiece.
The EK-H Series.
EK-H Display
            60 month warrantyEasy-View display with sealed keypad for those unplanned spills
The new A&D EK-H Series has the 4 C's (Cost, Calibration, Control, Compliance.)  Almost like the 4 C's (Color, Cut, Clarity & Carat weight) in buying a diamond.
Cost The new EK-H Series delivers the performance you need to do the job quickly and accurately at an unbelievable price.  You get all the features of a precision toploading balance costing or $1500.00 for 1/2 the price!  All four models of the EK-H Series are Legal-For-Trade making them perfect for the jewelry and pawn industry.  The high capacity EK6000H is perfect for formulation applications like mixing compounds for adhesives or ink.  Whether you are mixing in percent, pounds or grams the EK-H can do it.

Calibration is a snap!  With the push of a button, the EK-H Series Balance automatically adjusts to the applied standard (requires the purchase of optional calibration mass.)

Change the calibration weight to meet your needs.  Choose from 3 to 4 factory programmed calibration weights depending upon the model you choose.


Select the weighing modes you want.  The EK-H Series offer 10 selectable units of measure.  Internal programming includes: parts counting; percentage function; comparator function; and underhook capability for density determination and weighing magnetic materials.  Whether you are a scrap gold/precious metal dealer weighing in pennyweight or an adhesive manufacturer formulating in percents the EK-H has the weighing units and functions.

Plus, with the optional rechargeable battery you are not dependent on a AC power source.  Perfect for field use or process control in a large manufacturing facility where power may not always be accessible.


With the optional RS-232C you can be ISO, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) or GMP compliant.

The built-in GLP software that comes with every EK-H Series toploading balance stores your calibration data.  Full ISO & GLP calibration & compliance with optional RS-232 and printer.  Calibration documentation output includes balance serial number and I.D. number, time & date, and calibration weight value.  There is even a column for the operator's signature.

Take a closer look at all the EK-H specifications
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