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Download A&D WinCT Data Communication SoftwareInterface your computer with A&D Balances

A&D "WinCT" delivers technological achievements with the utmost simplicity.  A&D's new "WinCT" software includes two programs (RsCom and RsKey) and is specifically designed for use with A&D Balances equipped with an RS232C interface and your pc.  The software is compatible with Windows, Window 95, 98 & NT. 

RsCom is used to transmit the weighing data to a computer, using a text file format.  The RsCom window can also be used to transmit "commands" to control an A&D balance.

Use the function of RsKey to paste weighing data is directly into an application ,such as Excel or Word.

Eliminate manual data entries with the WinCT software package and increase your efficiency by providing fast error-free storage of your weighing data directly to your computer.  All A&D GH-Series come standard with RS-232 interface with a WinCT software CD ROM.  All other A&D balances require the purchase of the optional RS-232c module and you need to download the WinCT software online.

Computer OS Microsoft Windows 95/98 (English version only)
CPU 33Mhz i486DX2 or faster
RAM 12MB or more recommended
Hard Disk 10MB minimum free space on hard disk
CRT VGA or higher resolution monitor
RS-232C 1 - RS232C port
CD-ROM Drive
Balance A&D Balance with RS232C Interface
Cable RS232C Cable. A standard D-sub 25 pin (pin module) serial cable (straight type) is required and you must have a RS-232c port on your computer.  If the computer's I/O port is a D-sub 9 you must purchase a 9 to 25 converter (socket module) or purchase the cable from us directly.
CAUTION: Use only on a computer running an English version of Windows.  If used on a non-English version of windows, some characters will not display or calculate  properly.



WinCTŠ is freeware.  Because WinCT© is freeware, A&D Company, Limited, does not offer or provide any technical support for this product.  WinCT© is subject to change without notice.

A&D Company, Limited, its subsidiaries, authorized dealers, agents and Precision Weighing Balances make no warranty, express or implied, about the operation of this software.

A&D Company, Limited, its subsidiaries, authorized dealers, agents and Precision Weighing Balances assume no responsibility or liability, express or implied, for any damage to hardware, negative impacts on other software or operating systems, or loss of data resulting from using this application. 
Users install and use this software at their own risk


Download the complete version of  WinCT
Name                      Last modified         Size       Description

compressed. imageDownload WinCT          Mar 01, 2007         1.74M includes RSkey and RSCom

compressed. imageDownload WinCT Ver.                 417K       WinCT Ver. 4.01 is Windows Vista Compliant. Does not include RSWeight.

All this great software can only be used when you buy a A&D Balance with the RS232C module.  WinCT comes on CD-Rom with all GX & GF-Series Precision Toploading Balances and GH-Series Analytical Balances.  Check out the A&D line we offer at deep discount prices.

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