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Does your marketing strategy involve introducing, branding, or promoting a product or service; generating new leads; announcing special events or products; or establishing an online presence?

If you answered yes then a web banner with Precision Weighing Balances (P.W.B) is a great way to do the job, because your ads in front of potential customers whether they click it or not.

For a general audience, you want to create awareness of your company's product or brand. (As an added benefit, Web banners also associate your brand with the cachet of the online world.)

For a more targeted audience, (let's say laboratory or scientific) the idea is to promote recognition of your company's product or service at a glance which a web banner designed and placed by P.W.B can provide.

Since you have a website this is the ideal way to generate traffic and drive sales for a very low rate in comparison to traditional media advertising, as well as track your campaigns results every step of the way.

Typical click rates for banner ads range from 0.1 to 5 percent. The rates are affected by many factors, including what you're advertising (the breadth of your product's appeal), how you advertise it (the quality of your ad), and where you're running the ad (P.W.B).

Impressions are the number of times a Web surfer is exposed to your banner ad. Other forms of media can provide only estimates of gross impressions based on, say, a print publication's circulation or a projected number of TV viewers. With the P.W.B, there's no guessing: you know exactly how many pairs of eyeballs saw your message. We have real-time daily statistics available.

We deliver your ad to a targeted audience so you know it will be seen and clicked by qualified viewers, NOT falsely or artificially inflated clicks. To combat this issue we have setup a "Click Through" tracking program which logs the visitor's IP address, time, date, browser software and referring URL once your banner ad is displayed and/or clicked.

Real time statistics provide you with an up to the minute look at your ad's performance.

Contacts us at 978-521-7095.

All advertisers and ads are subject to approval.

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