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Analytical (0.1-0.01mg)
PW124 Analytical
PW184 Analytical
PW254 Analytical

Milligram (0.001g)
PGW153e Milligram
PGW153i Internal Cal
PGW253e Mg Scale
PGW453e Milligram
PGW453i Internal Cal
PGW753e Mg Scale
PGW753i Internal Cal

Precision (0.01-0.1g)
PGW1502e Toploader
PGW1502i Precision
PGW2502e Toploader
PGW2502i Precision
PGW3502e Toploader
PGW4502e Precision
PGW4502i Toploader

Portable (0.1-0.005g)
ACB - Battery/AC
CBW - Battery/AC

Portable (0.1-0.005g)
ACB - Battery/AC
CBW - Battery/AC

Moisture Analyzers
AMB - (50g - 310g)

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CFW 130-1320 lb
CPW 13-440 lb
CBW 6-100 lb

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CBC - general parts
CFC - large parts

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Adam Printer

A compact thermal printer that records date and time and prints each weight as displayed on the LCD. When used with the AMB moisture balance the printer will record the percentage loss in weight at each pre-selected interval during the test, and print out full test parameters at the conclusion, as well as time and date.

Download the Instruction Manual now. and leaser more about the features of this printer.

Adam Statistics Printer

The Adam statistics printer is a compact thermal printer which is ideally suited for use with the Adam range of laboratory balances.

As well as each individual weight value, this version also prints out a full statistical analysis of the values whenever requested by the operator. The statistical analysis includes number of values, mean value, standard deviation, sum of all values, minimum, maximum, etc. With statistical analysis enabled, the printer will record date and time on every Adam laboratory balance.

The printer is controlled direct from the balance and is supplied with an RS-232 connector which enables it to be linked directly to the AEA, AEP, AAA, AFP and ADG balances. As a general purpose printer it can be used with any RS-232 interface.

Used with the AEA and AAA analytical balances and the AEP and AFP top loading balances, the Adam printer will also record full calibration details in compliance with GLP requirements.


  • Thermal printer
  • 40 column dot matrix (80 column optional setting)
  • Print roll: 112mm wide. Up to 20mm diameter
  • Power supply: 8.5VDC-14VDC, 15 Watt
  • Dimensions: 160mm x 130mm x 45mm
  • Supplied complete with power supply adapter and RS-232 connector lead

Download the Instruction Manual now. and leaser more about the features of this printer.


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