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PGW253e Mg Scale
PGW453e Milligram
PGW453i Internal Cal
PGW753e Mg Scale
PGW753i Internal Cal

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PGW1502e Toploader
PGW1502i Precision
PGW2502e Toploader
PGW2502i Precision
PGW3502e Toploader
PGW4502e Precision
PGW4502i Toploader

Portable (0.1-0.005g)
ACB - Battery/AC
CBW - Battery/AC

Portable (0.1-0.005g)
ACB - Battery/AC
CBW - Battery/AC

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AFP Milligram Series

Special educational discounts available on the AFP Series - Call us for details.

Milligram high precision balances
See the AEP Series
the next generation of the AFP Series

milligram high precision balances

Balance Information

Adam AFP are the "affordable alternative series of milligram balances" to meet your weighing needs.  It's hard to beat the value the AFP Series offers.  If you find a milligram balance for less it's probably built using a strain gauge loadcell.  The maximum amount of divisions (capacity divided by readability = divisions) a strain can offer is pretty much 60,000 divisions.  Unfavorable features of a strain design include susceptibility to instability or drift (when the numbers on the display crawl) due to hysteresis and temperature coefficient characteristics.  The reason why some manufacturer's select a strain gauge for a milligram scale is cost.

balanceThe AFP uses an electro magnetic force measuring sensor similar to the Scientech Series providing great performance and stability.  Precision Weighing Balances is able to sell at low, low, prices due to efficiencies in distribution and strict cost control measures eliminating any excessive overhead and environmentally unfriendly catalogs that deplete our forest and only work as good door stoppers.  Why buy from a catalog supply company that only knows a balance by a catalog number?  Forget those other web sites that seem to copy every move we make in an attempt to ride on our coat tails.  Buy from the pros at

  • Standard glass breeze shield
  • Automatic compensation for minor temperature variations
  • GLP compliant software package for calibration print out
  • Digital filters and suppression of the last digit on the display
  • The LCD can be set to weigh in grams, milligrams, carats, grains, ounces, or pennyweight
  • Push button calibration (external cal only & requires optional calibration weight which we recommend when you purchase the balance.)







Your Price

See Replacement Here See Replacement Here See Replacement Here See Replacement Here

Maximum weighing capacity (Max)





Tare Range










Repeatability (Std. dev.)











grams, milligrams, carats, grains, ounces, or pennyweight


Weighing, Counting, Percentage weighing, High/Ok/Low limits

Operating temperature

Compensated ±1d/°C over +15°C to 30°C Operational +5°C to +40°C

Power supply

120VAC External Adapter supplied with balance


RS-232 - Bi-directional.  Selectable baud rates 300 - 9600 baud

Response Time Approx

2-3 Seconds

Pan Size (mm/in)

5" x 5" / 128 x 128 mm

Draft Shield

65.1" x 6.1" x 3.1" / 156 x 156 x 80 mm


Automatic External calibration (Mass not included)
or internal motorized calibration is also available as an additional $200 option

Calibration weight (g) External weight only, (not included with balance)






Large LCD, 134mm x 40mm / 5.2" x 1.6"

Shipping weight

5.2 Kg / 11 Lb


24 months Manufacturer's warranty


8.1" x 11.8" x 6.7" / 205 x 300 x 170 mm

Accessories available

Dust Cover, In-use wet cover, Adam thermal printer, Density kit for 1mg balances, Weigh below hook, Data collection program, internal motorized calibration

See the new AEP Series - the next generation of the AFP Series

Additional Features

Easy to use keypad Sprint bubble indicator. RS-232 interface and lockdown bracket
Easy to use keypad Sprint bubble indicator. RS-232 interface and lockdown bracket all standard.

glass draft shield is removableFor working in an unstable environment digital filters and suppression of the last digit on the display (in grams mode only i.e.: 20.011 > 20.01) facilitates optimal response time and speeds up weighing operations.

Parts counting, percentage weighing & high / ok / low check-weighing

The option of a battery power pack means that the same precision balances can be used in the field.

Variable averaging allows the user to set the "stable reading" indicator for fast or slow response and compensate for unstable conditions.  The glass windshield cuts down on external environmental factors.

The optional screw-in hanger facilitates below-the-balance weighing or density determination kit is available for 1 milligram AFP balances.

RS-232 interface comes as standard for printing of results using the optional Adam thermal printer or connection to a PC using an aftermarket data collection program. enabling the balances to be integrated into an ISO/GLP quality system.

Special note: The AFP Series features special software that can't be disabled which monitors changes in the temperature and trigger an audible warning signal that the ambient temperature has changed enough (typically 6°C from when last calibrated) to warrant recalibrating the balance.  While this feature is great to ensure the utmost accuracy it can be a nuisance if you did not purchase the optional calibration massThe balance will beep once every 30 seconds until the balance is recalibrated.  If you don't have the required calibration mass (each model has a specific required cal mass listed in the specs table above) you'll have a balance that you can still weigh on, but you'll also have a audible chirp approximately every 30 seconds.  We highly recommend the calibration mass if you don't have one when you purchase the balance.  In addition, we are located near Boston, MA and if you're in sunny California or the muggy marshes of Florida you can rest assured there is a 6°C temperature difference so you'll have the audible warning right when you take the balance out of the box.  Be smart if you don't have the cal mass buy one when you purchase your balance. 

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