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Analytical (0.1-0.01mg)
PW124 Analytical
PW184 Analytical
PW254 Analytical

Milligram (0.001g)
PGW153e Milligram
PGW153i Internal Cal
PGW253e Mg Scale
PGW453e Milligram
PGW453i Internal Cal
PGW753e Mg Scale
PGW753i Internal Cal

Precision (0.01-0.1g)
PGW1502e Toploader
PGW1502i Precision
PGW2502e Toploader
PGW2502i Precision
PGW3502e Toploader
PGW4502e Precision
PGW4502i Toploader

Portable (0.1-0.005g)
ACB - Battery/AC
CBW - Battery/AC

Portable (0.1-0.005g)
ACB - Battery/AC
CBW - Battery/AC

Moisture Analyzers
AMB - (50g - 310g)

Bench Scales
CFW 130-1320 lb
CPW 13-440 lb
CBW 6-100 lb

Counting Scales
CBC - general parts
CFC - large parts

Mettler Toledo
Other Brands
SECA Medical

Weigh South

CFCa High Capacity Counting Bench Scales

counting bench scale
Balance Information

The CFC series are high capacity heavy industrial counting scales, ideal for use in production, packing and dispatch areas.  They are free standing floor scales built to stand up to the treatment handed out on the factory floor.

The CFC range is fast and simple to use, and being battery powered can be used anywhere on the site.  Battery life is typically 70 hours before recharging, so they can be used shift after shift even when away from an AC supply.

Displayed resolution is up to 1:15,000 and the internal counting resolution of 1:400,000 means that even the 300 kg capacity model will count parts as small as 20g.  Twenty grams is equal to the weight of 4 nickels (5 cents).  Learn more about how counting scales work here.

Operation is easy: Either place a known quantity on the scale or enter a known unit weight.  The scale will automatically display the total count of all parts on the plate as well as calculate and display the unit weight of the part.  The sample quantity is freely selectable and because the bigger the sample the better the result, the software in the machine automatically updates and enhances its average piece weight data as components are loaded onto the plate during counting.balance

The memory accumulation feature will keep a running tally of all the individual counts - invaluable in batch counting operations or when counting large quantities of the same part.  The display shows the overall total count and the number of batches counted, as well as the quantity on the scales at the time.

A simple key-press will program the CFC with any pre-selected quantity.  A buzzer sounds when this quantity is reached or exceeded.

Three separate LCD display panels clearly identify the values being read - namely unit weight,total weight and total quantity.  An audible signal confirms every key press.  All making life easier for the user and ensuring fast reliable operation.

  • Large backlit LCD displays with 20mm digits
  • RS-232 output (optional)
  • 20 position keypad
  • Memory accumulation of count
  • Programmable for counting to a pre-set number of parts
  • Internal rechargeable battery with up to 70 hours of operation
  • Tare function
  • Internal count 1:400,000
  • Large stainless steel platform
  • Pounds/Kg switchable
3 displays

CFCa High Capacity Counting Bench Scales

Model CFC 130a CFC 330a CFC 660a
Your Price
Capacity x Readability (lb)
130 lb x 0.01 lb
330 lb x 0.02 lb
660 lb x 0.05 lb
Capacity x Readability (kg)
60 kg x 0.005 kg
150 kg x 0.01 kg
300 kg x 0.02 kg
Minimum capacity
0.1 kg / 0.2 lb
0.2 kg / 0.4 lb
0.4 kg / 1 lb
Tare range
-100 lb /-60 kg
± 0.01 lb
± 0.02 lb
± 0.05 lb
± 0.02 lb
± 0.04 lb
± 0.1 lb
Typical stabilization time
2 Seconds
2 Seconds
2 Seconds
Units of measure
kg, lb
RS-232 Output Optional - $50 for RS 232 Option Card (factory install)
Operating temperature
0°C - 40°C / 32°F - 104°F
Power supply
115 / 230 Vac, 50/60Hz, Switchable 10 watts
Automatic External
6 digits LCD digital display
Indicator ABS plastic, Base Steel with Stainless Steel platform
Pan size
425 × 525mm / 16.7 × 20.7 inches
Overall dimensions (w×d×h)
425 × 700 × 950 mm / 16.7 × 27.6 × 37.4 inches
Height of pole
660 mm / 26 inches
Height of bracket ­ 3” (bracket fits on top of the pole)
Cable length
The scale can be used without the post.  When the post is not used the cable length is 47 inches.
Shipping weight
40.1 lb / 18.3 kg
General Purpose Parts Counting Scale
Legal for Trade
kilogram weight, parts counting, accumulating memory, preset count with alarm
Other features
Internal rechargeable battery (~70 hours operation)

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