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PGW453e Milligram
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PGW753e Mg Scale
PGW753i Internal Cal

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PGW1502e Toploader
PGW1502i Precision
PGW2502e Toploader
PGW2502i Precision
PGW3502e Toploader
PGW4502e Precision
PGW4502i Toploader

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ACB - Battery/AC
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Portable (0.1-0.005g)
ACB - Battery/AC
CBW - Battery/AC

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AFA- Analytical Series

AFA Analytical Series

analytical high precision balance

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Adam Equipment manufactures premium quality Adam analytical balances. Adam AFA Series provides the laboratory user with a reliable weighing instrument incorporating all of the features required for efficient analytical work at realistic prices.  Get all the meaningful usable features you need - without all the bells, whistles and outrageous prices.  The Adam line offers simple weighing features and our rock bottom prices make them affordable for the price sensitive consumers.

Robust die cast aluminum housing with stainless steel weighing pan and removable weighing chamber floor makes clean-ups a breeze.  The generously proportioned weighing chamber and weighing pan, together with the practical, but uncomplicated operating features make it a pleasure to use the AFA Analytical Balance.  Three sliding glass doors allows for easy access from the right, left or top.

Combining high resolution with highly competitive prices the AFA Series is our lowest cost analytical series in the AdamLab line.  The simple six-button keypad, is designed for ease of use and provides fast stabilization times with consistent and dependable weighing results you need for your precision weighing requirements.

State-of-the-art software and force restoration weighing technology ensure consistent and reliable levels of performance. 

density determination kitSeven selectable weighing modes (grams, milligrams, carats, grains, mommes, ounces, pennyweight) and bi-directional RS-232 interface (selectable 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 & 9600 baud) are standard.  Data can be set via the RS-232 to the Adam Thermal Printer or PC by simply pressing the "PRINT" key on the indicator keypad.  The balance can also be configured to stream the data out for continuous output for weight loss versus time analysis.  The date & time printing function can be enabled to meet GLP/GMP requirements using the the Adam Thermal Printer.

balanceAll Adam Analytical Balances and 3-decimal-place toploading balances can be purchased with an optional density determination kit.  Now you can easily determine the density / specific gravity of samples when you purchase this $425 accessory.  Adam balances take you step by step through the weighing process, calculating the density and displaying the results on the LCD in g/cm3 using their advanced internal software. The density determination kit includes all of the parts required for weighing the sample in air and in a liquid.  A glass sinker is supplied for density calculations of liquids.

For working in an unstable environment digital filters and suppression of the last digit on the display (in grams mode only i.e.: 20.0151 > 20.015) facilitate optimal response time and speeds up weighing operations.  A big, clear LCD display and sealed key-pad with a positive feel "click" make it easy to operate the AFA .  The AFA Series also features internal motorized calibration enabling you to calibrated the balance by pressing the keypad.

Adam Equipment is based in the UK and is a company with more than 30 years experience in the production and sales of electronic weighing equipment and during this time has built up a reputation for quality, reliability and value.  The AAA-LE balances are only a small part of our extensive range of laboratory balances enabling you to select just the right balance for the job in terms of capacity, readability, features and price.  See the full line of Adam Equipment products here.





PWB Discount Price (Discontinued)

See Replacement Here
See Replacement Here

Maximum weighing capacity

120 g

180 g

Min. Capacity Range

5 mg

5 mg

Tare Range

-120 g

-180 g


0.1 mg

0.1 mg

Repeatability (Std. dev.)

0.15 mg

0.2 mg


±0.3 mg

±0.5 mg


grams, milligrams, carats, grains, mommes, ounces, pennyweight


RS-232 - Bi-directional.  Selectable baud rates 300 - 9600 baud

Response Time Approx

5 seconds

Internal Calibration

Standard - motorized internal calibration

Calibration weight required for External calibration, Class 1 (not included with balance)

100 g

100 g


5/8" / 16mm - 7 segment LCD

Operating Temperature

±5°C - 40°C / 32°F - 104°F

Compensated Temperature

+15°C to 30°C

Sensitivity Drift

2ppm / °C

Power supply (external)

120 VAC External Adapter (included)

Pan Size (in / mm)

3.3" / 85 mm diameter

Chamber Size (w x d x h)
(height is above pan )

6.5" x 6.5" x 9.1"

Overall size (w x d x h)

8.1" x 13" x 13.3"

Gross weight

9 kg / 20 lb


2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Accessories available

Dust Cover, Adam thermal printer, Density kit, Weigh below hook, Data collection program

Special educational discounts available on the AFA Series - Call us for details.

lab balance
The tactile feedback keypad is clearly marked, color coded for easy operation.
lab balance     accurate balance
[Click for Hi-Res Image]   [Click for Hi-Res Image]
The AFA Series offers a large spacious draft shield that is 9.1 in height to almost any item imaginable.   3 door draft shield allows for easy access.  The stainless steel platform and weighing chamber floor can be removed for easy cleaning.
analytical balance
  • Two adjustable rear feet makes leveling the balance a breeze
  • Sprint leveling bubble located in the left of the image above facilitates leveling the balance
  • Chassis ground terminal allows you to easily ground the balance.  This helps in lessening static electricity problems
  • AC power jack is located at the rear of the balance.  The balance operates off an AC adapter only.
  • Standard 9 pin bi-directional RS-232 interface
  • Security lock down bracket in the right of the image above allows you to lock down the balance for classroom environments when purchased with optional security lock-down cable.


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