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Free shipping via UPS ground on all A&D Washdown Scales  

A&D Titan Series Washdown Stainless Steel Bench / Floor Scale

Dustproof weighing indicator, waterproof bench scale
A&D HV-WP washdown bench scales
Triple Range
Resolution can be changed automatically for 3 capacity levels. [READ MORE]
A&D HW-WP industrial washdown bench scale
Up to 1/12,000 High Resolution
Ideal for applications requiring enhanced resolution. [READ MORE]

More Sophisticated Features

  • Preset Tare
    Tare values can be digitally stored
  • Comparator Function
    Set the high and low weight targets and show HI/OK/LO [color coded LED for fast, precise, unmistakable manual checkweighing] on the display
  • Comparator Buzzer with OP-03
    Optional comparator output sounds buzzer and selected comparator setting with latching software for stand-alone, simple filling and checkweighing applications.
  • Setpoint Control for Simple Batching
    The weighing data can be controlled at 3 setpoints, Full Flow / Preliminary / Zero band outputs.
  • 24 month warranty
  • Weighing Units & Mode
    By pressing one key, weighing units & mode can be changed.
  • Tilting Meter Head
  • Compatible with the AD-8121A printer
  • Standard RS-232C
    An RS-232C bi-directional serial port to connect with PC.  Optional RS-422/485 is available for networking up to 16 devices to a single PC.
  • Counting and Percentage Modes
  • M+ Function for totaling weighing data
    Facilitates simple entry of display weight values into accumulator memory.
  • Adjustable & detachable stainless steel display
  • Hold Function
    Allows user to maintain the current weight display for peak values.
Download the Instruction Manual (2.4 MB) now download manual  The instruction manual contains detailed information regarding assembly, additional features and keypad functions.

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