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A&D HW Series

The HW-G series by A&D have a new and improved 1/10,000 resolution.  These scales are perfect for the food industry, paint, and even pharmaceuticals.  The load cell is water and dust resistant thanks to the protective IP-65, Goretex® membrane.  The Rugged construction of the HW-G series translates into a reliable and extremely durable scale.  Optional RS-422/485 is available on any of the HV-G or HW-G Series making them the perfect choice to integrate into automated test stations.

HV-G Series has similar features, but offers instead of the triple range providing you with a broader weighing range. The HV-G Series offers with only 3,000 divisions while the HW-G higher resolution with 10,000 divisions.

HW Bench Series are Not NTEP Approved.

NEW! 1/10,000 High Resolution

Your choice of Liquid Crystal or Vacuum Fluorescent Display

Built-in Printer option ONLY with Vacuum Fluorescent Display selection

Water and dust resistant - IP-65, using Goretex® membrane to protect the load cell

Setpoint controls for simple batching operations

Comparator lets you set high and low weight targets

Meterhead tilts and rotates to best viewing angle

Standard RS-232C to connect with a PC or the AD-8121 printer

Counting and Percentage functions

A&D Model
Capacity (kg)Resolution (kg)
10kg x .001kg
60kg x .005kg
100kg x .01kg
220kg x .02kg
Capacity (lb)Resolution (lb)
20 x .002
150 x .01
200 x .02
500 x .05
Max Count
Standard Accessories
AC Adapter, Display Cover, Manual
Operating Temp.
-10°C ~ 40°C / 14°F ~ 104°F
6 x DD alkaline size batteries (600 hours) or AC Adapter
Pan Size (mm)

(W) x (D) (Inch)

250 x 250

9.8 x 9.8

330 x 424

13.0 x 16.7

390 x 530

15.4 x 20.9

390 x 530

15.4 x 20.9

Dimensions (mm)

(W)x(D)x(H) (Inch)

275 x 474 x 368

10.8 x 18.7 x 14.5

330 x 621 x 771

13.0 x 24.4 x 30.4

390 x 712 x 773

15.4 x 28.0 x 30.4

390 x 712 x 773

15.4 x 28.0 x 30.4

Optional Accessories
HV/W-03G Comparator/Setpoint Relay Outputs, HV/W-04G RS-422/485 Interface, AD-8951 Comparator Light, FV-06 220 VAC for HV-GL & HW-GL models
Download the HW-G Instruction Manual (1.60 MB) now download manual  You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding RS-232 data format, comparator/counting/percentage modes, accumulation, full/dribble batch function and keypad functions.
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